5 American Made College Campus Must Haves

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If you are off at college this year, or know someone who is, make sure to read and share our suggestions of American made college campus must haves! All of these items are essentials for students who live on campus, as well as those who live “down the line”, to make it through a full day of classes.

Start the school year off right with these 5 College Campus must haves

1. A large, sturdy tote bag

Tough Traveler has been manufacturing bags, luggage, child carriers and backpacks in upstate New York for over 40 years. The Daycoma Tote is the perfect size for books, a laptop, and supplies. 100% made in the USA, the Daycoma Tote is washable and water resistant and it’s available in 7 colors. Click here for more articles featuring Tough Traveler products.

Daycoma Tote by ToughTraveler #madeinUSA

2. A caffeine, I mean coffee, receptacle

A Ball canning jar +Cuppow + Freaker USA + coffee= LOVE! AND the Ball jar, Cuppow (the mouth piece), and Freaker USA (the knit insulator) are all American Made! Click here for more Made in USA Coffee and Tea options.

#madeinUSA Ball, Cuppow, Freaker USA travel mug

4. Snacks/portable meals

Back to back college classes means brain food is a must! Corazonas oatmeal squares taste great and are good for you too! Corazonas are made with plant sterols that are proven to lower cholesterol. Click here for more healthy snacks made in the USA.

Corazonas Snack Bars #madeinUSA

4. A stylish bike helmet

If you live off campus, finding a parking spot can be a nightmare, and on campus housing can be quite a distance from classes. Not to mention how far of a hike it can be from one class to another! Having a bicycle while at college is great way to get around, and with a Bandbox bike helmet and cover, you can look fabulous while doing so! Click here for more American Made Bikes and Bicycle Accessories.

Bandbox bike helmets and stylish covers #madeinusa

 5. Rainy day footwear

Waking up on a rainy morning really puts a damper on the day, especially if that day is full of classes.  With Sloggers rain boots, your feet will stay dry while trudging across campus. With the many patterns available, you are sure to find a pair that fits your style. Click here for more Made in USA boots.

Slogger #madeinUSA rain boots- get across campus in style keeping feet dry!


College campus must haves | Items you need to make it through a day of classes- all American made!

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  1. I would add to the list… aspirin!
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  2. Have not seen those bike helmets before. Cool concept.
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  3. Jill Homiak says:

    I REALLY love that helmet! I would wear that in a heartbeat. Now city cyclers have NO reason not to wear a helmet! {The Bostonian style is one of my favorites.}

  4. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    These are great! I have a daughter in college now. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Another addition… monogrammed pillows. My daughter claims that they are a must-have.
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  6. Tamra Phelps says:

    I especially like the idea of healthy, ‘portable’ foods. We’ve all heard of how college freshman gain weight because they eat junk, basically.

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