Four Practical Picks for American Made Baby Gifts Under $30

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Finding the perfect baby gift can be overwhelming, as there are so many products today to choose from. Even more  overwhelming (and time consuming!), is finding that perfect item when one’s priority is to purchase an AMERICAN MADE baby gift.  Whether you are on the hunt for a baby shower, baby welcoming, or birthday gift, USA Love List has put together a selection of American made baby gifts that are high quality, useful, and all of them are under $30.

 USA Love List‘s Selection of American Made Baby Gifts {Under $30}

Bamboosa for Baby Swaddle BlanketThe Baby Swaddle Blanket ($26) from Bamboosa’s  line of baby items, Bamboosa for Baby, makes a great baby gift.  Swaddling, the practice of wrapping a newborn snugly in a blanket, has been proven to soothe and comfort babies, helping them sleep soundly.  All of the Bamboosa for Baby’s clothing, bath, and bedding items are made in South Carolina from fabric manufactured in the USA.  The bamboo and cotton used in this fabric is grown organically, and contains no chlorine or formaldehyde.

Pure Play Kids American made Waldorf dollAn American made organic Waldorf baby doll ($25.95) from Pure Play Kids makes the perfect gift for a boy or girl age four months and up. Waldorf dolls are made simply, with the intention to enable creative play. This handmade baby doll is created from organic cotton inside and out. Pure Play Kids is also known for its wooden toys, which are suitable for kids of all ages, and are made in Tennessee.

NuAngel Clutch and Go changing padIt is safe to say that a baby can never have too many changing pads! This stylish Clutch and Go ($15.99) from NuAngel includes a luxury baby pad, and the NuAngel signature Classy Clutch Tote. There is enough room to fit disposable diapers and  wipes in this clutch too.  The Clutch and Go will be a welcome addition to every diaper bag. NuAngel is a woman-owned business, and all of its products for mom and baby are cut, sewn, and packaged in Alabama.

A Little Something for Baby gift kitThe A Little Something for Baby gift kit ($19.95) from Earth Mama Angel Baby, is full of travel sized, organic, natural baby care product goodness. These small bottles of baby lotion, butt balm, body wash, and baby oil will fit right in to any mom’s (or dad’s!) diaper bag stash.

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  1. These are great ideas. My niece is due with her second any day now!
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  2. Maryann D. says:

    What a terrific assortment of gifts for babies. I do like very much Earth Mama Angel Baby products.

  3. My new Grandson will be hear in July, my Daughter is looking for all natural baby gifts. So this is for her…. May there be good health and healing for this Earth,
    May there be Beauty above me, May there be Beauty below me,
    May there be Beauty in me, May there be Beauty all around me.
    I ask that this world be filled with Peace, Love, and Beauty.
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