Two Paws Up for New Dog Beds from American Made Dorm & Home {Review}

Awww…. what a face!  And check out his dog bed.  It is 100% American made, of course, so I’m confident that he is resting on safe, environmentally friendly materials. He looks pretty comfortable too.

When school started last fall, we brought you a giveaway of beautiful back to school bedding from American Made Dorm. So many people were flipping over their fabrics that they expanded their name and their product line for the home and they have just released a new product: the Dog Bed Roll.

Made in the USA Dog Bed

The American Made Dorm & Home dog bed roll is made of heavy, durable fabric. It is not, however a huge, thick pillow like some dog beds you may be familiar with. Such big thick beds usually look and feel great for a while until they get worn down and lumpy.  The bed roll is more analogous to a mat or a sleeping bag for dogs.  It works nicely in the back of the car or in a dog crate. My dog is trained to go to his “place” on command, so even when we travel, he needs a “place” to go to. This one rolls up compactly to go wherever it is needed. My dog is not a chewer, but he does scratch with his paws and turn around repeatedly to prepare his “nest” and after two months, there was no sign of wear. I tossed the bed roll into the washer and dryer. It came out looking brand new, clean, fresh, not faded, and unwrinkled.  As always, I love the choice of fabrics and colors so I hope you’ll check them out.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for other American-made products for pets, we’ve recently talked about food and treats, as well as toys and other gear.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]

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  1. Cheryl Swarthout says:

    MY dog, Willie, a grey sharpei, is a frequent guest at my daughter's vacation home. It would be great to have a portable dog roll bed that could go easily from the car to her house. I saw a blue striped one the company's website that would look great in her living room.

  2. My dog Lucky Uno is so special, she is one of the many american pit bull that we rescued, her other owners abused and used her as a bait dog which is a dog for other fighting dogs to attack because she would not fight, she was only 20 pounds and we had to have tubes in her throat and her side was ripped out, now fast forward 3 years and we fell in love with her so much that we could not adopt her out she loves our family so much and is the first one now to welcome in new rescues helping them feel better, she is the queen of our home and i feel this is why she deserves a new bed.

  3. Erin Small says:

    I was just looking to order one of these dog beds for my 3 adorable dogs. My sister just became the Baylor representative for this company and knew that I would be interested in this contest! I am constantly looking to find ways to make my dogs comfy and cozy for when my husband and I are at work. These beds would be the perfect fit for my furry family.

  4. I love the Navy Ikat Dots Bedroll, X-Large, 42×23, although it's probably not big enough for my dog. She weighs 140 lbs! Thanks for another great giveaway!
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  5. We have had our dog, Blink, since he was 1.5 years old. He is now 9 years old & STILL destroys beds with stuffing! We had originally thought he would grow out of it, but apparently not. Would be great to win this stuffing-less bed for him 🙂

    • SarahSW111 says:

      Oh my! These beds do have some stuffing, just not as much – think sleeping bag, but with much heavier fabric. Maybe this one would be tough enough for Blink, or less satisfying for him to dismantle. And hey, if you win, it's free, so why not! Good luck!

  6. My puppy has a great doggy bed but these look uber cute. He's my best friend and just the amazing companion for talking to, running with and hanging out with.

  7. I absolutely love the coral bedroll — it's reversible. It would look great in the house, unlike most of the traditional dog beds you see that are drab, boring colors! Thanks for the great giveaway.
    My recent post Innovative PINX easily solves the problem of a gaping button-up shirt!

  8. My daughter loves pillows for her daybed. I actually bought her some for Christmas, but none were as cute as the Yellow Metro Accent Pillow. I'd love to get that one for her, too!
    My recent post Innovative PINX easily solves the problem of a gaping button-up shirt!

  9. I would love to win one of these beds for my best friend Sam who is an 11 year old Pomeranian as he was recently diagnosed with diabetes after spending a week in the emergency vet. He is my world and I am so Blessed he is still with me:)

  10. How much do I love my two Bostons Jax and Jewels? So much I named my blog after them! They're mini kids, not pets.

    My recent post American Woman

  11. I have 3 dogs but it is my Chewie's birthday so he deserves a great present like a bed

  12. We live outside of Philadelphia, so I know my husband would love the Eagles rug!
    My recent post Innovative PINX easily solves the problem of a gaping button-up shirt!

  13. Would be great to have a portable bed roll for our Daisy girl to use in our RV!!!

  14. All of my dogs are my favorite. We were just talking about a bed like this, I was just about to make one for each of my pups to use on trips and cold nights for their travel kennels. So glad to see all of the products in the making of the beds are American made products! I think every dog should have one!

  15. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I want to win an American Made dog bed for our large mixed breed rescue dog Artie. We adopted him in April and he has learned how to be a house dog. He is now housebroken, loves toy and treats, can sit and stay, walks nice on a leash and loves to go for walks. He has made me healthier by walking and hiking with him.

  16. My dog is SO old. She could use a nice, cushy new bed. I love the red reversible. Cute!

  17. Sherrie C. says:

    I love the Turquoise Dandelion Bedding Set with Turquoise Elephant Decorative Pillows


  18. my doggies would love a new bed I usually only put blankets down for them

  19. We have a 5 year old American Pit Bull named Lazlo that we've had since he was 2 weeks old. He was in a bad situation so we took him home and bottle fed him. We've had him ever since and he is the greatest dog you could ever ask for. He would love a new bed for the car.
    lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

  20. Alex Fisher says:

    I have a 1 yr old mini schnauzer who is just the sweetest guy alive. After having to put up with 2 small children, I think he deserves a little bed of his own 🙂

  21. My dog Bridget is going to be 12 years old this month! She has always been the best dog — so sweet and loving and wonderful with the kids. She's a lab / weimie mix so it's a little like living with a Shetland pony in the house — but we love her anyway!
    My recent post Innovative PINX easily solves the problem of a gaping button-up shirt!

  22. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I like the Navy Ikat Dots Bedroll, X-Large, 42×23

  23. We are about to get a new dog and this would be perfect for him. Thanks so much.

  24. brittany br says:

    We have two dogs, Dallas and Duke. Duke has many health problems and hates most things most dogs like(toys, bones, etc.) but he loves his dog bed! I would love to win to give him a new one!

  25. Erin Small says:

    I am super excited about this contest! My dogs mean the world to me and I was definitely going to order one once my sister showed me this site. I have 3 dogs so if I win and they love it, I'll have to buy 2 more!

  26. We got a new puppy about 6 months ago. We named her Lacie and she's a great dog. Full of energy and personality. She's got all of us wrapped around her little paw. I'd love for her to get her own dog bed.

  27. Lilith Katz says:

    I feel so bad for our pooch. His bed is so old that I've had to sew patches onto it to hold it together. I'd love to be able to surprise him with something new.

  28. Stephanie Thompson says:

    My dog is suppose to be a mix of poodle and pekineses but what ever she (Abby) is, she is one of the best dogs I have ever had. She is going to be 7 yrs old on Feb. 14, so a nice soft American made dog bed would be a nice thing for her to keep her warm and cozy as she is getting old, plus she has never had her very own dogie bed.

  29. Cindi Decker says:

    My little Min Pin Dolly is 13 and nearly blind. She loves to snuggle under her balnket and would love to have a nice soft American made dog bed. She is my heart.

  30. My brindle boxer, Tiger, has just about worn out his bed so it's about time to get a new one. Having the bed American Made just makes it that much better.
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  31. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Artie deserves an American Made dog bed because he has worked extremely hard to become a house dog with manners and boundaries.

  32. Erin Small says:

    Ok I know the directions say to leave a comment about my favorite dog…however, I have 3! They are all so different but so lovable in their own ways. Whether it is constantly cuddling with my Shih-poo, throwing a toy for my Morkie, or laughing at my Malti-poo thinking that he runs the house (he doesn't), these dogs definitely my hubby and I busy!

  33. I just started fostering rescue dogs, and tehy could use a new bed,

  34. We have a couple big older dogs. They are good animals, they always could use a new bed.

  35. Leah shumack says:

    My dog loves to sleep in my bed but hates how much i move because she's forever on my feet gets comfy and I boot her off…maybe her own bed next to mine won't be that bad!

  36. My cute puppy Theo destroyed his first cheap dog bed, but I know he would love this one!

  37. I want to win because my dog is old and sick and she cannot climb into our bed anymore, so she really needs it.

  38. Jakey and charlie would love a dog bed. all they have in our bedroom right now is a blankie.

  39. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I would like my large mixed breed rescue dog Artie to sleep on the bed because he is an All American Mutt who has found his furever home.

  40. I would like to win a bed for my dog Tinky (a black Pomeranian mix). He is actually my daughter's dog and she had to give him to us recently because he barked all day when he was in her apartment and neighbors complained. He's been moved around a LOT in his eight years. He's getting older now and I would love to win a bed for him to have that special 'item' with him whenever he has to go somewhere.

  41. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I want an American made dog bed, because I trust the quality, style and safety of these beds,

  42. STephanie Harris says:

    I have two that would actually share this bed. My first is a beautiful 14 year old Blind Lhasa Apso who is my sweetheart. His name is Sebastian and he has been with us since he was just a few weeks old. His brother is a 2 year old Shitzu Chi mix. Cooper is my daughters therapy dog and a wonderful addition to our family.

  43. I love the american made stuff and think that is is great that we actually still have these companys in America. I love all their Chevron bedding they have and would love to have any of these in my home

  44. I love the orange and IKAT bedding for my dog he would lOVE LOVE it

  45. We just got a new foster dog, and he is sleeping on an old bed. He really needs his own, poor guy!

  46. Our dog Jedi has been slowly destroying his stuffing filled bed and could use a new one.
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  47. For Christmas I got a boxer/lab mix!! He is just adorable and has taking over my afhgan to chew all his toys on. He needs a bed of his own to lay and chew his bone.

  48. I love the Navy Ikat Dots Bedroll, X-Large, 42×23. I have two big shepherd mixes, so they need some major bedding!

  49. pierogiemama says:

    We have two dogs, a samoyed mix and an mini aussie. They are both such sweet pets and are so good with our 10 month old daughter. Our samy, Romeo, will be 13 years old on Valentine's Day!
    My recent post Fresh off the clothes line: Buttons Diapers and a giveaway!

  50. cstironkat says:

    Artie got sick today and his dog bed must be thrown out, I need to get him a durable bed I can wash.

  51. Erin Small says:

    My husband and I are dog sitting for a foster dog soon and would love to have one of these dog beds for when we foster doggies! You can never have too many dog beds! Any dog that is ever under my roof deserves to have the very best and I think this company can help me prove just that!

  52. jorie rogers says:

    I want to win this for my dog Tango. He is my best friend and deserves a nice soft place to rest his head at night.

  53. Our 5 year old Iggy Pup is a Boston Terrier jammed to the brim with personality. I love him so much and can't imagine my life without his smooshy face, pouty lips and snorty attitude. I'd love to have a dog bed that can go with us when we visit family. He is great napper and very photogenic. Think American Made Dorm needs a spokespup?

  54. Amber Carter says:

    My dog Sophie needs a new bed, so this would be great!

  55. laurajacobson says:

    Oh I would love to win the Brown Dogs Bedroll, Large, 36×23! We just got two 8 week old lab/shepherd mix puppies that we adotped and they would love this bed to snuggle up on since they are always together….they would not use one each! They would have to share! LOL….So cute!

  56. My chihuahua love to curl up under one of these!

  57. cstironkat says:

    I like the Brown Dogs Bedroll

  58. Ronda Patrick says:

    A pitbull/shephard mix that was given to us by a friend. She is the most passive, sweetest thing ever!!! She lays between us in bed until she gets too hot and then wants to lay on the ground. She would just LOVE this bed!!!!

  59. kathy dalton says:

    i adopted sammy from the humane ociety . he was almost hairless due to fleas and i now have a gorgeous long haired shih tsu and he deserves a new bed especially a USA made one

  60. We have a hard working service dog who deserves an awesome bed!

  61. cstironkat says:

    I want Artie to have an American Made dog bed because of the quality and safety of the materials.

  62. I just got a new jack russell terrier today & her collar and leash are red white and blue

  63. Jessica Poston says:

    I have 7 dogs, but my favorite is definitely Queeny (nicknamed that because she's the Queen of the house! lol). She's my baby, so I'd love for her to have a new bed. I also LOVE that it's American made!:)

  64. Birdie Skolfield says:

    My Chi Pepper shes gettin a lil up there in years & I want a warmer comfortable NEW bed for my sweet girl she deserves a new bed

  65. I have two wonderful Beagles-a boy and a girl. They are not from the same litter, but they adore each other. They would love to snuggle on this: Brown Dogs Bedroll, Large, 36×23

  66. i've got a new little foster dog, and he deserves his own bed.

  67. Annmarie W. says:

    I would love to win, because it would make our Ozzy so much more comfortable than just lying on the floor near my daughter's bed!

  68. Julie Harris says:

    I love the Brown Dogs Bedroll! I love the colors and you gotta love that it's made in the USA! Support US made products!!

  69. My favorite dog is my dog Dink. I would love to win this for her because she ate her last bed when she was a puppy. Hopefully she will not do that again!

  70. I love the Brown Dogs Bedroll, Large, 36×23 for Rexy are mixed mutt

  71. kathy dalton says:

    my dog is a rescue dog who was hairless from fleas..his name is Sammy and his hair is now long and thick. My Shih tsu is deserving of a USA bed cuz he is my king

  72. My dog Pete, a rescue from the pound deserves a new bed! He's loyal, fiercely protective, and sweet as he can be! We just found out yesterday that he's blind in one eye, so a new dog bed (they look fantastic) would be perfect for him!

  73. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I don't have a dog…I have a cat. My cat also likes to have a 'place'. She's funny, too, because she has a place in each room, so there's a dog bed in one of my dining room chairs, a placemat on my cedar chest at the window, and a dog blanket on the top of my washing machine. She seems to prefer the thinner bedding to the fluffy, so this might make a good spot for her in one of our bedrooms. We have hardwood floors, so anything is better than lying on wood.

  74. joyce-ellen holmes says:

    my moms dog Gracie is a doberman that has never had her ears or tail docked. shes big and goofy and koveable and id love a bed that she could fit on! i love the navy blu ones 🙂

  75. I'd love to win to keep my buddy comfy!

  76. Erin Small says:

    I am so hopeful to win this contest for my dogs and when we foster dogs. My dogs are everything to me. My husband and I do not have any children, so we are able to completely spoil our dogs. I am so blessed to have them in my life. My shih-poo, Gucci, used to try to escape from the kitchen when we were away, and having one of these beds would surely give him reason not to!! I also would love to have a bed for our future foster dogs to lay on. The green in the brown dogs bedroll would totally match the wall in their bedroom! (once Gucci began escaping from the kitchen they graduated to their own bedroom-spoiled rotten, I know) Please give me the opportunity to show my dogs even more how much they are loved!!!

  77. I just discovered this blog tonight and I am in LOVE with it!!!!! Thank you for the easy entry and for the easy comment options and for support MADE IN AMERICA. God Bless.

  78. OMG I got so excited about your site that I actually forgot to answer the question correctly. We would love the rollbead for when we travel and for sleepovers. Hope my last comment doesn't mess up my entry as I need to win this for my babies.

  79. Robin Mongold says:

    My dog is named Lucky and he would enjoy having his own dog bed and it would be good for us to take on vacation with us.

  80. lmurley2000 says:

    we have a beagle and bassiet mix and i love him more than life itself, he is so spoiled he thinks he's human

  81. My dog is an 11 year old toy fox terrier named Rico. He is the best dog I have ever had. He listens, loves to cuddle, is super smart and very loyal. During the past few months, he has started to show his age. He definitely isn't moving around as quickly as he used to and is having a hard time jumping into bed or on the couch. He would definitely use an American Made bed. That way he could be comfy on the floor without having to strain himself jumping onto the furniture. I bought him puppy stairs but he refused to use them so I took them back.

  82. I Love dogs and having 2 cute dogs. is best site in USA for superb orthopedic dog beds.
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