American Made Eco Friendly Gifts

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Give a gift that was created mindfully, with its implications on the environment and future generations taken into consideration.  Here are USA Love List‘s top picks for American made Eco friendly gifts.

American Made Eco Friendly Gifts


Facekins Washable & Reusable Fabric Facial Pads Reduce landfills one face at a time
Cotton is a crop that requires a lot of water. Using Facekins Reusable Facial Rounds reduces landfill trash, saves lots of water, and saves you money too. Facekins works as well as a cotton ball when using toner to restore the skin’s ph and remove excess makeup. As they claim, they are lint free and resistant to stains. I found it best to spray toner (love this one) on your face and then use the round, as opposed to putting the toner directly onto the round. I also use both sides of the round before I wash them, so I don’t have to wash them as often.  
American Made Reusable Glass Straw Set from Simply Straws
Save our oceans and ditch your plastic straws. Simply Straws 3 Sleeve Straw Starter Set makes it easy to carry and protect your reusable glass straws. The set includes three glass straws in different sizes, along with a brush cleaner. These straws are made from BPA-free, Borosilicate glass, which is the strongest commercially available glass. These straws are dishwasher safe and handmade in the California. 


Rock N Socks Made from Recycled Yarn | Made in the USA | 10% off with code USALOVE
RocknSocks are made in USA socks knit from recycled yarns. They offer a variety of styles and colors, including arm and leg warmers too. RocknSocks are designed in California and made in North Carolina. With prices starting at under $10, you can feel great about your purchase and know you’re supporting American made jobs. Use promo code USALOVE for 10% off your purchase!


Made in USA Eco-Friendly Gift: Bamboosa Lap Log
Bamboosa Lap Logs are made in South Carolina from Eco friendly materials. The Lap Log is stuffed with natural buckwheat hulls, and the  outer fabric is an organic cotton twill. There are many patterns to choose from, including themes for kids. The Bamboosa Lap Log is a well used item in my household and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.


Purple Prairie Botanicals Gift Set- Eco Friendly Gift Idea #madeinusa
Purple Prairie Botanicals body care products are free of parabens, GMOs, synthetic dyes, and animal ingredients. Purple Prairie Botanicals is a “zero waste” company which means that any materials not used are recycled, reused, repurposed, composted or sold. The gift bags, like the Lavender one pictured above, include 2 soap bars and a lotion.


Flowfold wallets are made from repurposed sail and make a great Eco friendly gift
Made in Maine from repurposed sails, the Flowfold wallet is available in 3 sizes and many colors. My son uses the Flowfold wallet that was given to us to try out and it has been holding up very well. It even survived a water bottle leak in his backpack. 10% off with code LOVE.


The Giving Keys #madeinUSA Eco Friendly gift ideas via
I LOVE everything about The Giving Keys!  The Giving Keys’ necklaces are made from repurposed keys and are engraved with inspirational words such as BELIEVE, STRENGTH, HOPE, PEACE, and more.  The Giving Keys works with the Chrysalis organization and the United Way to employ people who are transitioning from homelessness. Recipients of The Giving Keys’ necklaces are encouraged to pass along the message engraved on their key to someone who needs it.


#madeinUSA Eco Friendly Gift Idea- Beau Monde Organics Luxury Scarf
Fashion scarfs are in style again this year and a Beau Monde Organics scarf makes the perfect gift for the Lux Lady on your list! Beau Monde Organics scarves are handmade from organic cotton and organic thread. The unique designs are printed with environmentally friendly dyes. I LOVE my scarf. It is super soft and comfortable to wear.
Eco Friendly Gift Idea: In2Green Eco Thow
This In2Green Eco Throw is knitted in the USA from recycled cotton yarn. Many patterns and colors are available to choose from that will suit any living room or bedroom style.


McFadden Farm Certified Organic Herbs | Grown in California
The McFadden Farm Organic Herb Blend Gift Box is a tasteful gift a cook.  This gift box contains 12 natural herb blends made from organically grown California herbs.

For more American made Eco friendly gift options, check out the USA Love List for Eco Friendly Jewelry Source Guide, and the list of Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts.

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Eco Friendly Gift ideas via

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  1. These are all great products and they would make great gifts. My favorite is the This Bar Saves Lives snack bar, I definitely need to try this snack bar. Thank you for sharing this review.

  2. I have had a Bamboosa Lap Log for a few years now and we just love it. It makes using the iPad so much nicer in the kitchen, listening to music, etc. Plus, it’s REALLY well made and stands up to a LOT of use!
    Latest Post: A Dead Sea Mud Mask by InstaNatural is a soothing, in-home spa treatment!My Profile

  3. md kennedy says:

    So love that Aquaponics fish bowl – I’ll have to get one for myself!

  4. Maryann D. says:

    I love to buy as well as receive eco-friendly gifts. I would really like to have the BAMBOOSA LAP LOG for my iPad. All of these are terrific products to purchase.

  5. I really like the In2Green Eco Throw! Super cute AND green? Sign me up!
    Latest Post: This spring, everything’s coming up… floral!My Profile

  6. I love the AQUAFARM AQUAPONICS KIT, and think this would look awesome in my kitchen! The ARTGOODIES ORGANIC COTTON APRON is SO cool! I have chickens, and would love this apron. I am headed to their site, I hope they have a skirt too!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am so excited about the Lap Logs. I am going to get one today. I love that it is eco-friendly, and has a pocket to hold my tablet, so i can read it while sitting on the couch. Such a great design.

  8. Great list of things! Love checking this website and need to look into those organic scarves! My blog is all eco & made in USA 🙂
    Latest Post: 2 years on the challenge: Not made in China GURU – c’est moi!My Profile

  9. There are some great options here! I like the “lap log as well as the herb kit.

  10. All of these companies have lovely gifts to purchase. I really like the Giving Keys’ necklaces.

  11. great information to find all Eco and made in USA Products for home use or to give as a present . thank you

  12. these are great suggestions! thank you!

  13. Tamra Phelps says:

    That looks like some nice gift possibilities. the herb blends would be great for my Mom since she can’t do salt anymore.

  14. The Bamboosa Lap Log sounds like a useful and well-designed product based on its description and reviews on Amazon. I have a buckwheat hull pillow that I’ve had for a long time and really like, so I think I’d like the Bamboosa Lap Log to use with a tablet device, as well.

    I like that it’s environmentally-friendly, rather than another plastic item. Most accessories for electronic devices are nearly always made of plastic, so it’s nice to have the option to buy something eco friendly and American made.

  15. Love that throw — bamboo is so soft!

  16. This is a great list to use for Christmas shopping. In fact, I am heading over to Purple Prairie Botanicals right now!

  17. Tamra Phelps says:

    The lap log looks pretty neat. I’d like to give that a try.

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