American-Made Shoes By Get Grounded Provide Grounding Comfort

Grounding Footwear Made in USA Flip Flops

I got a chance to try American made shoes from Get Grounded recently and I’m pretty excited about them so I’ve mentioned them a few times. Are you still thinking about grounding and what it would mean for you? Watch this short video to learn more about grounding and why Get Grounded Footwear is so special. Trust me, you won’t regret purchasing Get Grounded sandals for this summer season!

What Makes Get Grounded Footwear Special
(besides being American made shoes)

While our natural electrical state is grounded, many of our modern day habits and routines insulate us electrically from the earth. Ubiquitous insulators like rubber, glass, wood, and plastics distanced us from the Earth’s energy, and may have result in fatigue, added stress, and poor sleep which we generally associate with aging.  Get Grounded Footwear allows you to take advantage of the negatively charged electrons to stabilize the free radicals in the body by “grounding” you with protection when walking on any  surface such as:

grounding surfaces

Connection with Protection®

Take charge of your Electrical Nutrition®! Get grounded for a minimum of 30-40 minutes each day and feel the difference.

Not only do Get Grounded American made shoes provide the benefits of grounding, but they are really comfortable too. I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to find shoes I can wear all day without being miserable by the day’s end. I’ve tried a lot of different flip flops and GetGrounded are one of the most comfortable I’ve worn. Even after wearing them all day long, I feel supported without having my feet or back hurt. I have wide feet too and they still fit nicely. It’s no wonder they are so comfortable:

Every pair of Get Grounded Footwear has the following features:
* Contoured Grounding Footbed with Full Surface Contact
* Massaging Accupods™
TerraTread™ Tree Root Traction System
* Durable TerraMater Footwear® Material

American Made Shoes by Get Grounded Footwear

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