American Made Gifts For Him Under $100

American Made Gifts Men Under $100 | Alfi American Made Knives For Everyday Use | Alfi Coupon Code LoveList

Men! They are undoubtedly the most challenging to buy for at gift-giving time. Here is our curated list of some of the year’s best American-made gifts for him and it includes many memorable choices.

American Made Gifts for Him, All Under $100

Streamlined, straightforward wallets built with the serious minimalist in mind from Trayvax start at under $20. The Summit Wallet is made from cold-rolled steel and mil-spec nylon webbing, which means it’s going to give you the RFID-resistance you want and the no nonsense carry you need. The Summit is proudly made in the USA and backed with a lifetime warranty.

American Made Mens Wallets from Trayvax Starting at Under $20 Code USALOVE for 10% off

Men are into equipment, and having a sharp, well functioning knife is no exception. Alfi High Performance Kitchen Knives are strong, razor-sharp and cut very well. They are great for everyday use in the kitchen. These knives are made in the company’s family owned, lean facility in California.

High performance, made  in USA, Alfi all purpose 12 piece knife set$30 (originally $45) with code “USALOVE” at checkout. OR save 25% off all knives with code USALOVE. Expires December 31, 2017

American Made Knives from Alfi | Gifts Under $30 For the Cocktail Lover | Alfi Coupon Code LoveList


Gifts for men under $100: Boldfoot socks
Boldfoot men’s fashion socks that are grown and sewn here using American grown cotton. They also donate 5% of profits to U.S. Military & Veterans in need.  Gift the gift of American made socks with a six month subscription to Boldfoot’s sock of the month club.

Code USALOVE to saves you 15% off your first Boldfoot order. (No minimums necessary.)

American Made Gifts For Men Under $100 - Dress Shirt From J Wingfield
J Wingfield is the only American made men’s woven shirting company making garments in the US, using USA made fabrics. They proudly manufacture their shirts with one of the oldest and most trusted families in Texas. Their fabric cutters and sewers have over 75 years of shirt sewing expertise. Their fabrics are woven in both North and South Carolina. Remarkably, these shirts are less than $100. J Wingfield is featured in our Men’s Fashion Dress Shirts & Polo Shirts Ultimate Source List.  


American Made Mens Gifts - Swiftwick Compression Socks via
A man can really never have enough socks. I love Swiftwick performance socks because they come with compression benefits. The sock’s thin profile reduces the effects of fatigue to maintain performance longer. They’re available in five different heights and come in 11 color options. The socks are made in Tennessee and support 20 employees at the company headquarters. 



American Made Gifts Under $100 - Allen Edmonds Belt via
When it comes to leather goods, Allen Edmonds knows quality. Investing in a well made leather belt is worth it, especially if your guy is wearing one everyday. I love the Allen Edmonds Basic Belt because it offers a classic, sophisticated look. It’s available in seven colors. Don’t miss our source list of American made belts.


Amerian Made Mens Gifts Under $100 - Graeters Signature Select Ice Cream Bundle
Do you have an ice cream loving man in your life? I know I do, and Grater’s Signature Select Handmade Ice Cream Bundle makes a perfect gift anytime of year. My personal favorite, Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip, is included in this bundle. Oh, my, goodness. You’ll say the same when you try it. I already love black raspberry ice cream, and this is the best I’ve ever tried. The berry flavor is so true, and the chocolate is shaved just the right way so that it melts in your mouth. Graeter’s ice cream is so rich and creamy, and it’s no wonder because the first ingredient is cream. The company sources its cream and milk from Ohio dairies, which certify that they are free of artificial growth hormones. The ice cream is made in Cincinnati, Ohio. Graeter’s is featured in American Made Ice Cream We Love By Region


American Made Mens Gifts Underwear from Flint and Tinder via
Flint and Tinder offers premium Supima USA-grown cotton underwear. For every 1,000 pairs of underwear they sell, another job is added to their supply chain. That’s feel-good underwear in more ways than one.


American Made Gifts For Men - Candles from Archipelago Candle in Stonehenge
Archipelago Stonehenge Candle is a  blend of smoked cedarwood, bergamot and amber which equals the perfect man scent. Breathe deep, relax, and set the mood. Don’t miss our source list for candles made in the USA.


LiteFelt 504 Kangol Hat From | 15 percent off with code USALove
Kangol LiteFelt 504 Cap is on point. I love this style hat because you can dress it up or down, but you’ll always look dapper with it on.


American Made Neckties From Beau Ties American Made Luxury Fashion Gifts for Him via
Beau Ties Ltd has an amazing, unique, and large selection of gifts for men: ties, bowties and pocket squares. I really love their patterns, and their customer service is exceptional. The ties are made in Vermont. Don’t miss our source list for American made neckties and bow ties for more options.

Cocktail Gifts He’ll Surely Love

Cocktail gift ideas for him
Bittermens’ Boston Bittahs is made in a small factory in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood.  I’d suggest pairing it with Bully Boy’s White Whiskey from Boston’s first craft distillery.


American Made Gifts For Men - Teroforma Whisky Stones
Teroforma Whisky Stones are made of natural soapstone  in Vermont. This is a practical and unique gift for those who enjoy any type of spirit drink.

Don’t miss our unique gift suggestions for beer lovers and craft cocktail enthusiasts!

American Made Mens Gifts Under $100 - Jim Beam Signature Craft Triticale via
Balanced with a light oaky flavor, and vanilla undertones, Jim Beam Signature Craft Triticale, is perfect for sipping, and to pour of those whiskey stones. Produced in small quantities in September 2015, this is the third and final product of the Jim Beam Signature Craft Bourbon Line.


American Made Gifts For Men - Jack Ruby Tonic Syrup
Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic: I love Gin & Tonic, but don’t prefer carbonated drinks. Jack Rudy’s tonic is perfect because it’s not carbonated! Its ingredients – Quinine, Sugar, Lemongrass, and Orange Peel – are simple and it tastes delicious!

We have found so many great American made gift ideas for him, that we have curated many lists!

Need more inspiration? Check out these lists too!

American Made Gifts For Him Under $100 via

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  1. My husband is horrible to shop for. If he needs something he gets it, and we live in a tiny town so finding new fun items can be really hard. I love this list. It has quite a few items that my hubby would love. Thanks.

  2. Kerry Kollman says:

    Flint and tinder. I may have to rethink where I buy my underwear in the future.

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