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Who Is Dani Poe? She’s American Pretty Founder

We recently introduced you to American Pretty, an online women’s boutique.  The online store sells made in USA clothing and accessories. Their dresses start at $32.  Accessories start at $12!  We had the chance to find out more about American Pretty from its founder, Dani Poe.

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The Dani Poe Interview:

Why did you start American Pretty online boutique?
I started American Pretty Boutique to provide a place where contemporary women could find in-style fashion at an affordable prices. My main goal is to sell clothes that are affordable and made in the USA.  I also want to inspire young women to look for made in the USA apparel and accessories. Customers come to American Pretty because they know made in the USA will be on every label. We want to promote, inspire and most importantly provide young women with the clothes made in the USA that they want and can afford.

How accessible are American Pretty’s styles to those who are looking to buy more American made fashion?
We try to keep all of our fashion apparel below $50.  In fact, almost all items are under $50. We work hard to offer clothes made for the everyday woman’s budget!

What are the brands you sell and in what city and state are they made?
One of the favorite brands we carry is Dang Chicks – an inspiring women’s t-shirt company out of central Georgia. We carry many of their t-shirts and LOVE the message of women’s strength. Our jewelry comes from MMA Silver Stars jewelers out of Austin, Texas. Most of our fashion apparel pieces are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

Where do you find your American made fashion?
We buy from designers we’ve discovered at clothing shows and markets in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. We are always looking for new designers. I am excited to launch our own American Pretty line of t-shirts and apparel.  These will be available in the late spring/early summer. The apparel will be produced in Georgia.  Then designed, printed and finished in Ohio.

What makes American Pretty a unique source for your customers? 
The most important thing we want you to know about American Pretty is we LOVE our southern roots. We want all our customers to have a taste of southern hospitality when they shop with us! We try very hard to make every customer feel like our only customer. We value the fact that our customers choose us to shop and spend their hard earned money with.  American Pretty wants to have a “hometown” online shopping experience and provide the fashion that makes you feel like the All-American beauty you are!

American Pretty is running a first-time customer promo. Save 10% off of  your entire order with code: FIRST10.
Be sure to “LIKE” American Pretty on Facebook to keep up to date on all its future made in USA sales!

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  1. I LOVE American Pretty! I bought Give Me a Saturday & Darlin’ Look at Me Dresses and they are too cute and an essential piece for every girls spring closet! I love the fact that everything is made in America, and this Tennessee girl really appreciates that 🙂 I know American Pretty will be my go to boutique for all the latest trends.

  2. This is the first time I’ve looked at this site and love it!!! I think we all should buy american by starting here.

  3. Businesses these days seem so intent on running after potential new customers that they leave longtime loyal customers hanging. Trying to find the same product you liked when you go looking for it is an exercise in frustration – it’s a new flavor, or a new color or a new something that bears no resemblance to what you want. American businesses used to understand that customer satisfaction meant customer loyalty, which meant sustained prosperity for the business. Hope that old-style business model is also making a renaissance.

  4. I LOVE that star watch!

  5. Abi Jones says:

    I agree with Donna. I have found a lot of boutiques that put that practice into use. I have been using mainly because they have always had products that catch my attention. They are very good at obtaining customers and keeping them as a long time customer.

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