Giveaway: Made In The USA Hats – $100 Gift Card With

Enter to win $100 to spend on American Made hats at via is a large online hat retailer.  They have an exclusive made in the USA hat category to make shopping American made easier. is a supporter of American Made Matters – an effort to support and grow our domestic economy. We’re thrilled that they are sponsoring this week’s giveaway, big time.

6 Stylish Ways To Wear A Hat

Made in USA hats + stylish ways to wear them.

Wearing a hat doesn’t have to be a messy afterthought.  There are stylish ways to wear a hat and every time I wear one I get a flood of compliments. Always start off with a solid made in the USA hat because good quality goes a long way. 

Three Tips For How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Three Tips For How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Do you wear lots of black? Do you feel like your outfits seem to look the same everyday? If you’re like me, you might answer yes to both questions. Follow these three tips for how to wear a scarf to update your look for any season. See my top six American made scarf picks too!

Our Fashion Editor’s 8 Favorite American Made Jewelry Sources

American Made Jewelry, We Love via

Here are some of our fashion editor’s favorite American made jewelry brands. From modern and contemporary, to baroque and antique, there are styles for everyone. What’s your favorite piece of American made jewelry?

Children’s Oral Health Tips With American Made Product Suggestions

Close-up of little boy smiling at dentist office

Using American made dental care products is a priority in our family. Today, I will share with you the ADA’s recommended children’s oral health tips and the made in the USA dental care products that we use to follow them.

An Oven Pancake Recipe For A Fun Start To The Day

Oven Pancake Recipe Feat

My kiddos will agree that they LOVE pancakes. What they can’t agree on is the TYPE of pancake Mommy is going to make. Logan prefers his pancakes with fruit added- blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, and pumpkin pancakes top his list.  Sophie wants her pancakes with chocolate chips. Instead of spending my morning flipping separate pancake orders for […]

Giveaway: 1888 Mills Towels – The Made Here Collection

Enter to win a 6 piece set of American Made towels from 188 Mills via

Made in the USA towels are hard to find, but we have a source with 1888 Mills Towels.  The brand is a USA Love List favorite for a list of reasons.  We recently focused on how easily accessible and affordable 1888 Mills Towels are.  Their “Made Here” collection retails at Walmart at the expected low […]

Winter Wonderland: 5 American Made Cold Weather Picks for Kids

#madeinUSA Winter Wonderland wit these 5 American made items for kids

Outdoor play doesn’t have to come to an end when the temperatures drop. Here are 5 American made items that will turn the outdoors into a winter wonderland for kiddos of all ages.

Face Contouring Makeup Tips – Natural + American Made Mineral Makeup


The details of face contouring makeup tips can be overwhelming but they don’t have to be.  The fundamental idea is very basic and often times just gets lost in translation with an overwhelming amount of products, shades and brushes to consider.  I am going to break down the basics to make the idea easy and […]

10 Things We Love, Made in Missouri

Stuff We Love, all Made in Missouri via

Missouri is a state of extremes; hot summers and cold winters, big cities and small towns.  The “Show-Me” state is home to some of the world’s best known brands, from Budweiser to Hostess Cupcakes, Dog Chow to Hallmark.  However, we’re also in the midst of a resurgence of locally-made goods, and there are some amazing companies offering unique, […]

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