Five Simple Steps for a Fun Summer Party and an American-made source list for everything you need


It’s now or never time… August is about to hit. Have your summer entertaining plans come to pass? In the spring, we dream of summer afternoons in the backyard, entertaining on the deck or patio but sometimes the season gets away from us. If you haven’t hosted your friends or neighbors for a barbecue yet, […]

My Five Best Anti-Aging Tips For Your Face From SPF Addict

{My twin, Erin, my friend, Lindsay, and I at the Westport Rivers Winery.}

I just came back from a fun summer vacation in Westport, Massachusetts. I absolutely love going there. It’s a relaxing town on the Westport River, which opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. From musseling to boating and sailing and having a sunset picnic at the local winery, I spent a lot of time in the […]

5 ‘Made In USA’ Crowdfunding Campaigns You’ll Want to Know About Right Now

#madeinUSA Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns are created when business owners need to seek financial assistance to make their dreams a reality. The following companies really stood out to USA Love List as ‘Made in USA ‘ entrepreneurs and visionaries.  You can show your support of their goals by pledging  money to these campaigns if you can, and sharing […]

Style Tips For Finding The Right American Made Swimsuit

Beach Style Tips American Made

Swimwear is probably the most daunting clothing item to search for. Here are four style tips to keep in mind when shopping for an American Made swimsuit that makes you look and feel your best while at the beach or pool this season.

Las Vegas Looks: Four Steps for Day to Night Made in USA Makeup


A night out in Vegas is often followed by a very late night out and will probably be followed up by yet another.  The city is fast paced, full of excitement and grand resorts.  Aria is among the new.  I’m planning a night out at Aria and I am going to share with you one […]

Unique American-made Wedding Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious Couple


On the hunt for THE perfect Eco-friendly bridal shower or wedding gift? Looking for a gift with meaning that will be used AND remembered? I’ve got you covered.

Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler & Micro Spray Irrigation Kits {Giveaway}

Mister Landscaper Micro sprinkler and Micro Spray Irrigation Kits {Giveaway}

Made in the USA Mister Landscaper Micro Sprinkler Landscape and Shrub Kit & Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit irrigation systems make landscape and potted plant maintenance a walk in the park!

Four Simple Summer Cocktail Recipes Made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Summer Cocktail Recipes with Titos Handmade Vodka.jpg

There’s nothing like a good cocktail on a hot summer day. Made in USA vodka is my spirit of choice, and I love Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Here are four quick summer cocktail recipes we love. Poteet Punch 1 1/2 oz Tito’s Vodka 3/4 oz Paula’s Texas Lemon or other limoncello 1/2 oz simple syrup 1/2 […]

10 Made in USA Garden Supplies We Love

American made garden supplies

Here is our list of made in the USA garden supplies that we just know you are going to LOVE- because we do! Do you have any made in the USA garden supplies that you can’t live without? Share in the comments below.

Introducing Eco Friendly Irrigation Systems from Mister Landscaper

Mister Landscaper #madeinUSA Eco friendly irrigation systems

Mister Landscaper, Inc. was founded on the belief that homeowners should have access to high quality landscaping and garden irrigation systems, just like professional growers use to water their crops. Mister Landscaper  has been manufacturing products in Florida that have been doing just that, as well as helping home owners conserve water, since 1991.

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