Buying Dog Treats Made in the USA Means Not Taking Chances With Your Best Friend


We’re going to take a little break today from our fabulous and fashionable American-made finds to talk about something even more dear to our hearts: our pets and the products we give to them.

October 23, 2013 Update: The FDA has issued a warning against buying dog treats made in China. 600 dogs have died and thousands have gotten sick. We’ve compiled a list of sources for dog treats made in the USA.   Please save and share it in addition to the article below and our other related pet articles.  

I worry a little bit about the food I feed my family, but not a lot, because I eat the same food and I think I would be able to tell if it was of poor quality.  But I am not in the habit of tasting dog food or dog treats.  When nobody knows besides the less-than-selective family dog, I can imagine that the temptation to use substandard, inexpensive ingredients would be high.  So I do worry about the quality of the pet products I buy and I know I’m not alone.  In one of the earliest posts on USA Love List, we wrote about the highly regarded Blue Buffalo brand of American-made dog food and treats.  It is still one of the most viewed articles on the site and our statistics tell us that a lot of readers are searching for information about dog food made in the USA and American-made pet treats.

This issue came into focus even more when I started buying my dog dried slices of checken breasts.  It seemed like whole foods for dogs. It was sold in an all-American-looking cowboy-themed package.  He loved them. In fact, he seemed a little obsessed over them.  A lot obsessed over them.  They weren’t cheap, but I thought they were wholesome, high protein, and good for him.  When I went online to order more for him, the Google search turned up some eyebrow raising results.  Other people wrote about their dogs becoming crazy, almost addicted to these treats. And there were stories of pets dying after eating them.  Oh no.  The treats in question were from always from China. When I looked at the package I’d bought, I was surprised to find it: “Made in China.” Memories of news stories about bird flu and tainted baby formula ran through my head.

I don’t know whether those claims about the Chinese chicken treats were true.  I’ll admit, I didn’t spend a moment more to research it.  I just clicked a few times and learned that Blue Buffalo makes treats for dogs in the USA. Ordering them instead seemed like the obvious move.  Since then, I’ve also come across the True Chews brand, which I love because they proudly and clearly label their treats Made in the USA, making it easy for me as a consumer to choose the USA product.  They make the very same big bags of sliced, dried chicken as well as beef sticks and pig ears for dogs.  He loves them and finds them delicious, as you can see in the photo, but he no longer acts obsessed or addicted to them. I think that’s a good sign, but to be honest, the flag on the package is the only sign I needed.

You’ll find American-made pet products from True Chews andBlue Buffalo on Amazon or in the USA Love List shop.  If you have an American-made pet product you love and trust, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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  1. Sadly, “Made in the USA” is not enough when it comes to foods – where the ingredients are sourced from is all important. “Made in the USA” only means it's made here, and the ingredients can come from anywhere, including China. We source ALL of our ingredients from local, small farms we know and trust here in Virginia and our treats and foods are made in Virginia. We're very proud of our partner conscientious farmers here in the U.S.A. and our USDA, certified Animal Welfare Approved production facility here in the U.S.A. We hope you'll check us out – your ALL American pet food company –
    My recent post We Celebrate Earth Day – Every Day – at Pawgevity

  2. Michelle F. says:

    These look like something my Penny would love.

  3. Another great dog treat to check out is SavvyBeast Treats. They use locally sourced organic meats and no ingredients from china. One of their main ingredients is chia flour which is big in omegas and anti oxidants. These treats are very healthy and dogs love them.

  4. I shop from this website this page lists all treats they offer that are made in the U.S.A.

  5. Hi Sarah, I want to introduce you to our new company: Big and Little’s Holistic Dog Treats. The product is made in Berkley, Michigan; of all locally-sourced human-grade ingredients (with a few exceptions like the gluten-free flour, which is not local). Our product is a soft cookie loaded with holistic ingredients such as go-ji berries, parsley, etc. The creator of this product has several years experience designing and producing food for a holistic dog eatery. We wanted to create a simple, healthy treat that can improve the over-all health of our dogs. Product-testing has been amazing. Dogs who had given up on treats LOVE these treats. We are brand new to the market, so bear with us as we get the kinks out of our website.

  6. I always try to purchase our pets food and treats specifically made in the USA. It’s scary to think that something made elsewhere might not be safe for them.

  7. Lucky Premium Treats are sourced locally within the USA and are made in the USA – proud manufacture 100% all natural, gluten-free, grain-free, preservative-free AND additive-free dog treats! We have everything from chicken jerky, beef, tuna, rawhides and fruits & veggies. Read more of Our Story on our website:

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