American Made Developmental Toys From Seven Acre Toys, Batteries Not Required!

Seven Acre Toys

***UPDATE: Since this article written in 2013, Seven Acre Toys has moved from Rhode Island to Maine and is still American made, of course!

You can’t walk down the VTech, LeapFrog, and even Fisher Price aisles at the toy store without noticing from the packages and displays that every kid needs to have these products to develop their brains and motor skills!   When my kiddos were little, I couldn’t walk across my living room with out stepping on a plastic, battery operated “developmental toy” causing it to play some sort of annoying color, shape or number tune. Did my kiddos ever actually play with these toys? Not that I can remember. I think they just chewed on them and threw them at each other.  This is why I got rid of every single one of them. If my kiddos are going to chew on their toys, they are going to chew on some that are not toxic, natural and made in the USA. And when they reach the age when they stop putting toy in their mouth (which at 5 and 7 still hasn’t arrived yet!), at least I won’t have to listen to annoying sound affects and deal with battery replacement.

Seven Acre Toys, a family run company located in Rhode Island, makes high quality, natural wooden toys that are the perfect alternative to the plastic, battery operated made in China developmental toys found in big box stores.

Crafted by the hands of parents, every Seven Acre Toys product is created with a child’s safety in mind.

  • All Seven Acre Toys products  are made from wood that resists splintering and is harvested from sustainable forests in the USA.
  • The color of the wood is completely natural-  no stains, dyes or VOCs are used.
  • Every toy is sanded completely smooth.
  • The polished shine comes from a chemical free treatment of food grade beeswax and mineral oil that is totally baby safe.

American Made Developmental Toys from Seven Acre Toys: Batteries Not Required!

Star Stacker

The Seven Acre Toys Star Stacker is designed to develop a little one’s fine motor skills the old fashioned way, as well as helping them learn size order and color patterns.

Quilt Blocks

Quilt Blocks are designed to help a child explore patterns through play. These 32 parallelogram blocks are fun for both children and adults. Keep them on the coffee table and see if you can keep your hands off of them!


1-2-3 Blocks

The 1-2-3 Block set from Seven Acre Toys is a developmental toy that will help through many learning milestones.  The different sizes blocks are great for practicing grasping and stacking.  These blocks are also handy for counting and practicing math skills- and no battery changes will be needed!

Into the Woods Memory Game

What could make a better developmental toy than a classic game of memory? The Into the Woods Memory Game is made on durable  wood tiles and will last generations. Smaller kids can fit the tiles onto the board like a puzzle, exercising their motor skills until they are ready for their first game of memory.

Treasure Hunt Game

Seven Acre Toys new Treasure Hunt Game is very popular with the 6 year old crowd.  Hide some treasure inside or outside and mark it with the wooden X. Draw a map, just like a pirate treasure map,  for your child to follow on the 2 sided chalk board. This game teaches a child how to read a map and follow directions, all while enjoying a pirate like adventure!

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  1. I used to have a set very similar to those Quilt parallelogram blocks. Like tangrams, there’s almost endless possibilities with what you can do with them.
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  2. The Treasure Hunt Game is really clever! Plus, these toys look like they are beautifully made and would last forever. Thanks for sharing!
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