Eco-friendly gifts for $35 or less from Hipcycle

Hipcycle has got to be THE coolest online store I have come across while searching for gift ideas this holiday season. Looking for a unique gift? Hipcycle has it. Looking for an Eco-friendly gift? Hipcycle has it. Looking for a gift made in the USA? Hipcycle has it! Hipcycle is an online retailer of upcycled items. Not RECYCLED, but UPCYCLED. Upcycling is the creative re-purposing of an item that would normally be considered trash. All items on Hipcycle are made from, well, trash, or items that most people would consider dump worthy. These items have been transformed into beautiful and useful products. Not all of the products available on Hipcycle are upcycled in America, but the country of creation is easily visible in the product descriptions.

Hipcycle for Great Gifting

Here are some great made in the USA gift items (all under $35!!) that I LOVE from Hipcycle:

Bike Chain Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is upcycled from a bike chain and is a great gift (or stocking stuffer) for the avid beer drinker(s!) on your list.

Ginger Ale Bottle Soy Candle

A soy candle makes a great hostess gift and this one is not only Eco-friendly, but the proceeds from it’s sales go to a support a good cause! Each of these candles are hand made from glass ginger ale bottles by young mothers who participate in the Bright Endeavors program in Chicago. This program assists young new mothers in learning skills they need to be successful parents.

Taper Pin Circuit Board Frame

This unique picture frame is made from the remains of a motherboard, and would be a great gift for the office co-worker or computer geek on your list.

ReFleece iPad Sleeve

This iPad sleeve is upcycled from discarded factory fleece and old fleece jackets and is a great gift idea for any iPad owner.

Vinyl Record Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is so cool!!  (pictured above)

The outer part of the bracelet is made from record scraps. It would make a great gift for the hipster on your list.

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