Companies that Give Back: Brands that Support American Veterans

Companies that support American veterans

USA Love List has compiled a list of companies that not only make their products in the USA, but they are also Veteran owned and make it a point to give back to the men and women who have served our country.

Veteran Owned Companies: Made in the USA


Topricin brand of made in the USA homeopathic pain relief and healing creams was founded and formulated by a decorated Marine Corps veteran.  Lou Paradise, President and Chief of Research of Topical BioMedics Inc,  developed Topricin products in his quest to provide pain relief without the side effects of pills and addictive opiates.  Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream is used at VA medical centers and hospitals around the USA.  Topricin is a supporter of Project New Hope, a non profit organization that offers free weekend getaways in peaceful settings to American veterans and their families. Veterans receive 30% off and free shipping on all orders placed through the Topricin website with promo code VET30 at check out. 

Topricin | Veteran owned company


American Built Clothing

American Built Clothing is an apparel company launched by two lifelong friends and U.S. veterans, KC and Nick. KC served in the Navy and Nick was a Marine sniper who served three tours. They reunited to start their own company – making sure every inch of the company is American-made, from the cotton to the screen printing. With every purchase, you’re directly supporting our country’s Veterans.

“We want people to be proud of what they wear, and be proud of where they are from.”


Heroes Vodka

Heroes Vodka was founded by U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Travis McVey. Heroes Vodka is made in the USA from 100% American corn. A percent of every purchase goes to  AMVETS to develop community assistance programs for American veterans, active duty military, and their families.


BrokenGear is a company founded by disabled veteran Steve D’Amico that sells clothing and items in support of disabled veterans, and disabled athletes. The company’s BrokenGear Bags  are handmade in the USA from the unserviceable uniforms of American servicemen and women. These bags are designed to attach to belts (prosthetic hands don’t fit into pants pockets) and wheelchairs.  A percentage of every BrokenGear Bag sale goes to help provide gym equipment, membership, and support to disabled athletes.

Love of Country

Love of Country is a new clothing company (started less than a year ago) owned and run by a husband and wife team, Joe and Kristen Knoetgen.  Joe is an Air Force Medic and EMS Volunteer. The couple started Love of Country with the goal to outfit American’s with clothing that shows pride and support for our nation’s military, police, fire, and EMT. Love of Country T shirts for men and women are made completely in the USA.  I was sent the Ladies Debut Organic/ RPET Tee which is made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester fabric (made from plastic bottles). This Eco-friendly and patriotic T shirt is super soft, comfortable, and fits great. Love of Country is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

Love of Country patriotic T-shirts | Made in the USA

Honor Flight Network

Companies that Support American Veterans

Snap-on Tools

Snap-on Tools is a franchise tool company that sells directly to professional technicians and manufactures 80% of its tools in US plants.  Snap-on Tools is an official sponsor of the Honor Flight NetworkThe Honor Flight Network currently raises money to send WWII Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their memorial.


DeFeet is an American manufacturer of active wear socks and base layers. DeFeet supports many causes including Ride 2 Recovery, a non-profit organization that benefits mental and physical rehabilitation programs for wounded veterans that feature cycling as a core activity.

Ride 2 Recovery benefits veterans and wounded heroes


Farmer Veteran Coalition

Clif Bar

Clif Bar, a company that manufactures most of it’s snack and energy bars in the US, supports the Farmer Veteran Coalition through a grant provided by the Clif Bar Family Foundation. The Farmer Veteran Coalition works with veterans in farming and food communities, educating them on farming and connecting them to agriculture.

Pets for Vets

Tape-O Corporation

The Tape-O Corporation, a manufacturer of medical, sports and pet tape, is a proud supporter of Pets for VetPets for Vets rescues and trains shelter dogs and pairs them with veterans for companionship.  Tape-O donates rolls of it’s pet wraps to every Pets for Vets chapter.

Did we miss any? If you are aware of brands that support American veterans, please add them in the comments below for our readers to see and so we can add them in future updates.

Veteran's Day Companies that support Veterans

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  1. I had no idea that Clif Bar supported veterans! Makes me like them even more 🙂
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  2. Maryann D. says:

    I am so glad these companies support Veterans, it is so important. I have purchased from a few of these like Topricin and CLiff Bars and will continue to support them.

  3. daniel moir says:

    Looking to start my own CSA and was wonderinghow to get ahold of clif bar.

  4. Love the blog post Tracey. We have some vendors & manufacturers that need to be on this list!

    1. Wigwam Mills. They sell 100% American made socks and 3 times a year we run a campaign with them called “Socks For Soldiers”. For every pair of socks we sell, Wigwam will donate a pair specifically made for combat boots overseas.

    2. We are a sponsor for the Honor Flight Network as well. We have hosted multiple events along with Nashville Recording Artist Ricky Lee where all proceeds go right to the cause.

    3. Everyday Veterans & Active Duty Military Personnel get 10% off their entire purchase at the Made In America Store.

  5. Check out Liberty BottleWorks. They do what they call “Ethical Discrimination”. Hiring preference is given to those that have served the nation.

  6. I am so happy to support any companies that support our veterans. Awesome!
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  7. Salute American Vodka gives $1 FOREVER. Their mission is printed on the bottle which works out to be over 30% of gross profits to Veterans Charities! Try a Salute today!

  8. I think it’s great that these companies support veterans, after all if it wasn’t for our soldiers that are serving and served we wouldn’t be in a country that allows us the freedoms that other countries don’t have!!!

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  9. I am happy to see Clif Bar on this list, I will continue to purchase Clif Bar protein bars. Thank you for sharing this post.

  10. Janet I. says:

    I have been drinking Heroes vodka for the past few years and am also a native Tennessean. Travis McVey, the Founder, helps out the community in a multitude of ways and the vodka is really good. I also support the Clif bars. I think it’s important to support local businesses and restaurants and it makes me feel good to do my part. Too many jobs have been and are BEING sent overseas. If we all support our fellow American, this could get back to the roots why it was established. Thank you vets!

  11. I’ve worked at a VA Hospital for 17 years and the employees have hosted a fundraiser by having a silent auction for the past 27 years to benefit needy veterans during the holiday season. We have such a hard time getting donations from businesses that say they support Veterans, it’s grueling;(

  12. This is a great post!!! Love this!!!

  13. GREAT list! I was unfamiliar with a few of these brands, but will definitely try them.
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  14. I love Snap on Tools and Clif Bar! The others I haven’t heard of before, but I want to check them out! What could be better than made in USA? Also supporting veterans. Good finds!

  15. Oscar Mike makes clothing and gear made partially by disabled vets. They support wheelchair basketball for vets and many positive events for vets.

  16. Starbucks is selling a special Veterans Starbucks card. If you buy one, they will donate $5 to veterans’ organizations. They also have more resources to check out at
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  17. I love this article. With so many options for different products, it gets hard to know which companies are doing good things. I try to use my dollars responsibly and am careful to find companies that support causes that are close to my heart. These are awesome companies and I look forward to using their services/products in the near future! Thanks to them for their support.

  18. Tamra Phelps says:

    This is nice to know. I like knowing when a business is supporting veterans or any worthwhile cause, for that matter.

  19. Mary DiPierro says:

    I think the organization Clif bar chose as a backer is absolutely awesome! YET………..”Clif Bar, a company that manufactures MOST of it’s snack and energy bars in the US”. How are we to know which ones besides looking at each one and every time when purchasing? Where are the “others” made at?

  20. Mary DiPierro says:

    although some of these wonderful companies have stated what organization they are supporting PLEASE BEWARE of what organization is being supported. Most of these groups do great things for our vets yet others are nothing more than a for profit. Sadly they raise tons of money for our vets with our vets seeing little in return.

  21. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s nice to know that these companies are out there, finding a way to give back. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m shopping for the things they manufacture.

  22. It’s so nice that these companies give back to the people who have served out country! I always like to see companies help others.

  23. Hi guys! Had to jump in here … I work with an amazing company that is all about helping veterans … Hero Clean is the first ever home cleaning line scientifically formulated to handle guys unique sweat, stains, odor and messes – and gives 7% of the profit from every bottle to support IAVA- Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Products are tested by active military and veterans for effectiveness and can handle even the stinkiest, sweatiest dirtiest clothes and gear. Hero Clean is now available at Target,, and will be coming to exchanges across the US soon! It doesn’t matter where you purchase Hero Clean – every purchase helps our veterans!

  24. Love these products and the work that everyone does for such great causes! I am here to ask for help from our Veteran loving community, we have a new foundation that needs help and support. The Strongpoint Theinert Ranch and Joseph J Theinert Memorial Fund. The Ranch is based out of New Mexico and is currently hosting 2-3 Veteran Retreats per year. They are working on the support system of all veterans and helping them reconnect. These Retreats have been rewarding and so helpful to those that have participated. The Ranch is looking for sponsors. This can be done in so many ways sponsoring the trip of a veteran or donating some items that can be used for the Retreats. Please help by just passing the word. You can find more information at Thank You

  25. Jill Hanson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I really like that some of these companies were started by vets themselves.

  26. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s always good to see companies giving back to their communities & customers. Nice!

  27. Flippytan Furniture is owned by Veterans and made in the USA.

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