Introducing Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy: A Select Source for American-made, Organic Beauty Products

Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy is an online shopping boutique.  This shop carries eco friendly and organic beauty products and nearly all are made in the USA.  The site doesn’t carry an abundance of items which makes for a more exclusive shopping experience.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone doing the sifting for you.  An array of top of the line goods already selected and layed out for you to browse is a welcome convenience. I was sent several of their hand picked items to try for myself.  I did not expect to love everything but I did.

I was thoroughly surprised with the Kelly Teegarden Lip Gloss after some disappointing encounters in the past with organic lip color.  Not only was it non-toxic, but it was beautifully pigmented, creamy, and slightly minty.  The tube has a push button light and side mirror too, which is an added bonus.  It certainly gets people talking about the product.  For a product enthusiast like me, this is excitement in a tube!  Beautification aside, the back story on this line gives you a reason to believe in the brand and want to support it.

Have you tried non-toxic deodorant?  In many cases the smell of your under-arms ends up being the toxic thing!  Now, I have been using clinical strength deodorant after trying with failure to at least vary it up with something more gentle.  To my delight, Tori’s Aluminum-Free worked well, as well as the aluminum packed stuff, actually.  I chose the powder scent which was fresh and light.

The real mother lode is the skin care trial kit by Pangea OrganicsIt seems somewhat unbelievable to me that with all the scientific products I have had my hands on that this organic moisturizer has had the most youthful effect on my skin.  My skin was so radiant and the lines on my forehead were noticeably softened.  The efficacy of each product was amazing.  I actually skipped moisturizer some nights by just spraying the toner on for hydration.  I experienced no irritation and surprisingly no problems at all while I was acclimating to a new skin routine.  This is rare as with most product switches some type of disruption of skin health is noticed during the acclamation period, breakouts mainly, but it was a smooth transition.

The smell of each product was wonderful and real.  The facial wash was very nourishing and it effectively removed makeup.  The toner is refreshing and dehydration quenching.  The cream, my favorite, toned, smoothed, hydrated and gave my skin a glow.  I use the mask as a weekly treatment for detoxing to radiant results.  The scrub is used after cleansing a few times a week. The scrub has a non aggressive grit, giving it just enough exfoliation to deep clean pores. It is just the thing to shed old skin cells to reveal younger skin.

Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy is a great source for the American made buyer in search of quality items for the health and beauty of their family.  We will be bringing you a giveaway with Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy next month.  The winner of the giveaway will select a Pangea Organics Skin Care Kit of their choice – there are kits for all skin types.  For now, take a peek around their website and get to know some of their fabulous products.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]

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Post by Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


  1. Robin Wilson says:

    You had me at Beauty Products. But when you add organic, aluminum free AND made in the U.S.A well then you are over the top. Not to mention that you like these. I have to be honest. I have not had much luck with organic deo, but maybe I will give this one a try.

  2. Gotta love eco-friendly AND made in the USA!

  3. I love this! I’ve been looking for a safe, organic (and made in the USA!) deodorant for a long time. And make-up, too? Bonus! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. md kennedy says:

    Love it – made in the USA and toxin-free: my new go-to for what my husband calls my “little (heh!) indulgences.”

  5. md kennedy says:

    Just ordered some stuff – great website and experience!

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