Summer Cookout Guide: Made in the USA Grills and Accessories

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Here are a few Made in the USA grills and grilling accessories that will help ensure that your summer cookout season gets off to a smokin’ start!  

Memorial Day is right around the corner and every year on this day we take a step back from our daily lives to remember all of the brave men and women of the armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend this great country.  And while we should never forget the true reason why we celebrate this holiday, Memorial Day is also widely viewed as the unofficial start of summer.  The birds will be singing, pools will be open, and best of all – the sweet scent of charcoal will fill the air.

If you are in the market for a grill or grilling gear, we’ve got you covered, American-made. Everything listed here can be found in your local stores or on Amazon.


Primo Grills and Smokers is one of the few companies that still manufactures grills in the United States, and is the only manufacturer of American Made ceramic grills.  If you really want the ultimate grilling experience I highly recommend investing in a ceramic charcoal grill/smoker.  Ceramic grills allow you to add smoke to foods which need to cook at a low temperature for a long time period (“low and slow” – think baby back ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork) but also allow high temperature cooks (over 1000 degrees!) that allow you to sear a porterhouse just like those fancy restaurants do.  If you are passionate about grilling then a ceramic grill is the only way to go! (buy it here)

Huntington Grills is owned by a Canadian company called Onward Manufacturing and manufactures a wide variety of affordable gas grills that are made in the United States with a mixture of both domestic and foreign parts.  This is not ideal if you are searching for Made in USA, but if your budget is tight and you are ready to buy at your local big-box, these might be your best bet. Huntington grills can be purchased at retailers across the country such as Cabela’s, Lowes, Wal-Mart (online), and

Charcoal & Chips

Kingsford Charcoal produces the best charcoal briquettes that you can find from major retailers.  They light quickly and add a tremendous amount of flavor to the foods that you are cooking.  The great thing about Kingsford is that you can find it anywhere you want to buy charcoal!  Word to the wise – use a chimney starter to light your briquettes instead of lighter fluid in order to avoid having your steak taste like it was marinated in gasoline. (buy it here)

Nature Glo Lump Charcoal can be used in any charcoal grill but is a must have if you own a ceramic grill/smoker.  Lump charcoal is different from charcoal briquettes (such as Kingsford referenced above) in that lump is composed of 100% wood whereas briquettes are composed of wood by-products and various additives.  Nature Glo lights incredibly quickly, burns very efficiently (i.e. very little ash), and provides incredible flavor to your foods.  Nature Glo is packaged by Royal Oak which also manufactures lump charcoal under the Big Green Egg brand name. (buy it here)

Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips are always on hand at my house because they provide excellent flavor when you want to add smoke to just about anything you throw onto your grill.  The best part about these chips – they are made from retired white oak barrels that were previously used to make Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey! (buy it here)

Sauce & Seasoning

Dizzy Pig BBQ is a local favorite company of mine that produces out of this world BBQ seasonings out of Manassas, VA.  They offer a wide variety of flavors that ensure you have the perfect seasoning to pair with your favorite meat.  I highly recommend Jamaican Firewalk on chicken wings and Raising the Steaks on a nice, juicy rib eye. (buy it here)

Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce is available in a wide variety of flavors that are all finger lickin’ good!  Sweet Baby Ray’s is the only sauce that I let touch my baby back ribs and once you try it you’ll know why. (buy it here)

Ice Cold Beverages

Igloo Coolers – whether you are grilling somewhere in the great outdoors or right in the comfort of your own backyard, there is no better way to relax then having an ice cold beverage in one hand and your best grilling spatula in the other.  Igloo coolers are all made proudly in the United States, are affordable, and are available to purchase almost anywhere. (buy it here)

Summertime is almost here my friends – go fire up that grill!

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  1. Sandy Duke says:
  2. We only use Kingsford Charcoal — my husband is something of a purist!
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  3. md kennedy says:

    Never heard of Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips but as I love JD I’m sure it’d be awesome! Now I need a smoker…mmmm, smoked trout….

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