Made in the USA School Lunch Gear: Laptop Lunches Review

Laptop Lunches: Made in the USA School Lunch Gear

When on the hunt for school supplies in the big box stores, it’s hard, if nearly impossible, to find school lunch gear that is American made, reusable AND kid approved. I switched my search to online and was very excited to find several options!

Last year, I found some good options.  Today I am sharing the first of my new favorites for the year, Laptop Lunches Bento-ware.

Laptop Lunches reusable Bento food storage containers are manufactured in Northern California. They are made from #5 plastic and contain no lead, BPA, phthalates or PVC.

Laptop Lunches was awesome enough to send me 3 of their sets for review:

Bento Kit 2.0 NavyPrimary

The Bento Kit 2.0 Navy/Primary

Bistro Bento Box- Americana

The Bistro Bento Box Americana

Bento Buddies 2.0 Primary

And the Bento Buddies 2.0 Primary

My kiddos and I have been taking the Laptop Lunches Bento-ware on test runs this summer to the beach and the park. Here is why  these food containers have quickly become one of our favorite made in the USA school lunch gear options.

  • The pieces I received contain more than enough bento containers to pack 2 lunches.
  • The separate covers are very handy when you are packing wet items like applesauce and yogurt. Other bento style containers I have tried do not have separate covers for each section and a huge mess is found (and made!) when the kiddos open the one main lid. Sealing containers allows me to buy large jars of applesauce, yogurt, etc., saving money and waste.
  • The small dip container is a genius invention! It is the perfect kid size for dips and dressings.
  • Make sure your kiddos (especially younger ones!) practice opening the lunch box container. My kiddos will be entering kindergarten and second grade and it was tough for them to open at first, but now they can do it with no problems.
  • My daughter eats more lunch when I pack it in Laptop Lunches Bento containers! She likes to eat a little bit of a lot of different items- she is my snack eater. The fact that I can fit several small containers in one lunch box, gives her a variety and she eats it all! Here is a sample of one of her lunches:


  •  I love the Laptop Lunches food containers because they are Eco-friendly and my kiddos will not be leaving trash behind at school.
  • My kiddos love them because they are colorful and compact. Last year I would pack my sons lunch in several plastic containers that required him to carry a larger than normal lunch bag. His words-  “Mommy! That’s a book bag, NOT a lunch bag!!”.
  • Bento-ware lunches are fun to pack and menu ideas are limitless! Check out my Pinterest board School Lunch/Snack for fun suggestions.
  • The containers stack very nicely for storage and don’t take up as much space as I first thought they would:


  • Just a warning: the insulated lunch bag and silverware are not made in the USA. However, my kiddos and I are happy to support any company that makes an effort to do their part to keep jobs in America.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]

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