I Spy Made in USA at Walmart!

Finding 'American Made' At Walmart

You might be surprised to find that some of our Love List items can be easily be purchased at Walmart… yes, you heard that right… Made in USA at Walmart! But it helps if you know what to look for.

Walmart has launched a major effort in the revitalization of USA based manufacturing.  If you have recently been shopping at one of their stores, the efforts are visible.  Products are clearly marked and made in USA products are promoted.  Their website has a dedicated made in USA shopping section as well.

Know what to look for

We often share tips and resources to make it easier to shop for American made brands.  It only takes a little conscious effort.  It is often assumed that finding made in USA brands will be tough in a big box store.  Sometimes it is challenging, but with large scale efforts like Walmart’s, it is becoming easier.

Pairing consumer knowledge with these kind of business practices in stores can be huge for the American economy.

We put together a list of some of our favorite everyday American made items available at Walmart.

American Made Brands Available at Walmart

1888 Mills Towels, Made Here Towel Collection – The towels are not only made here but the cotton is 100% USA grown.  These towels are generous in size, absorbent and soft.  Their towels have the look and feel of a more expensive towel yet maintain the expected low price Walmart offers.

Made in the USA towels - 1888 mills, available at Walmart

A natural and holistic product like Wally’s Natural Essential Oils is a welcome find in this big box store.  The on-the-go roller ball bottle is an ideal application because it keeps it portable and spill-proof.  They offer 5 blends:  Balance, Muscle Warming, Calming, Focus, and Energy.  Wally’s has done all the blending for you so they are ready to use without compromise to your well-being.  Their essential oil blends are USDA organic, non GMO and use no synthetic ingredients.  I use the energy blend at my mid-day slump to help reinvigorate my motivation. Wally’s Natural Aromatherapy Blends are available on www.walmart.com only, and not in Walmart stores.

Wally's - Aromatherapy Blends

The boar bristle hair brushes by Apollo come in a range of barrel sizes for the perfect blowout.  American made beauty tools are hard to find so getting one of these some where as convenient as Wal-Mart is a pleasant surprise.  Your blow drying time is shorter and more comfortable with one of their brushes.  The design skips the molded together plastic for one smooth piece.  This stops the breakage of hair from being pulled into the various crevices, this feature makes it stand out to me. The smoothest, most shiny hair comes from boar bristle brushes.

Boar Bristle Brush - Made in USA hair brush | beauty tools


sterilite storage solutions - made in USA
Sterilite containers offer a huge made in the USA selection.  They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate storage and organizing needs.
Pyrex - made in the USA
Pyrex kitchenware makes many of the basic cooking supplies that we all know and use.
Lodge Cast Iron - made in the USA
Lodge Logic cast iron is an everlasting product.  Their line offers everything you need for stove top cooking and a wide variety of baking products.
made in USA home and office supplies - 3m
3m manufactures home and office supplies that nearly every household utilizes, think Scotch Tape.
Flower Beauty - comparable to high end products.
Flower Beauty Products by Drew Barrymore are a Walmart exclusive, everything is made in the USA.  The makeup line has some serious beauty steals which they accomplish by not advertising and keeping their focus on makeup culture and development.


made in the USA baby supplies - NUK & Gerber selection
NUK and Gerber have a large selection of American made baby feeding supplies.  A trusted source for quality manufacturing is always of the utmost importance when searching for baby supplies.

It’s easier to commit to buying more American made products once you know to look for some of these widely recognized brands that are made in the USA, easily accessible, and affordable.

There are some surprising American Made finds at Walmart via USAlovelist.com

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by, 1888 Mills Towels, which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.


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Post by Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


  1. Wow I want to shop more at Walmart. I also need towels and want to check these out!

  2. Wow makes me want to shop there more often now, glad to see products made in the USA, they can be hard to find.

  3. Marilyn H. says:

    The towels are awesome!! Made in the USA. Love it!

  4. ellen beck says:

    I am glad to see WalMart might be turning a corner. I remember going in and seeing some quilts there, and they said made in America but looking closer they were made in China and just distributed in the USA.

  5. Judith Martinez says:

    I’ve always known that one of Walmart’s goals was to sell as much USA made product as possible but as our manufacturing base deteriorated their selection shrank. It’s nice to see that there is a growing selection of competitively priced US made goods.

  6. Yeah! Finally some Made in the USA stuff!!

  7. The Soft Sea color goes well with my main bathroom decor.
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  8. Samantha says:

    We love Lodge! We’ve even been to the factory in South Pittsburg, TN.

  9. Made Here Towel Collection does seem wonderful to purchase. I will look for them on my next trip to Walmart. I need new towels very soon.

  10. I have the Made Here towels by 1888 Mills. I love them! I bought the bath sheets, hand towels, wash cloths, & rugs. They hold up great in the wash. They are nice and absorbent, & they didn’t​ leave tons of lint on us with the first few washes.

  11. Hair Styling Brushes Made in the USA at Walmart? Awesome!!

  12. I bought your large towels & wash cloths over a year ago at Walmart. I’m waiting for coral colored hand towels & teal &/or coral rugs, bath, I would be so happy!!

  13. Linda robbins says:

    Dr. Teals bath salts at Walmart made in America. They are so awesome and reasonably priced.

  14. That picture is from Meijer, not Walmart. Last time I was in Walmart I couldn’t find these towels anywhere

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