For Stuffing Stockings or Last-minute Gifts for Men, Six Sets of Men’s Grooming Supplies

Just in time to fill up stockings for the special guys in your life we have six American-made grooming sets with products just for men.

Grooming Products for Men

Why do men need products just for them? First, they have many of the same beautification desires as women. Smooth lips, even skin tone and soft skin. Their bearded faces pose a few extra demands for their skin care needs.

While they want all these things, they do not want to use your lip balm with the pink tint, sweet smelling body wash or anything you have in a frilly, eye-appealing container. Men want their needs met, pure and simple.

Men’s lines understand that and provide the customers with simple packages and easy to follow routines. I selected three sets from Jack Black because it’s just that fabulous.  They have something for everyone and something for every need. The men’s gift sets are packaged perfectly for easy gift giving.

Balm Squad Lip Quad features four lip moisturizing tubes.

The Skin Charmer Set is a moisturizer duo. It includes a daytime lotion and nighttime cream. Included with this set is one of their lip balms.

The Complete Performance Set is an entire line of products designed for an athlete. All the products included aid in recovery time, fight fatigue and invigorate the senses.

It is worth your time to find these American-made Jack Black gift sets and browse other options from the line.

Dermalogica is another trusted source for skin care and grooming needs. They are in salon treatment rooms all over the United States. Shave is their red line designed just for the specific needs of facial hair. The Dermalogica Shave Kit has everything a guy needs for a close shave.  The products included keep razor bumps away and skin feeling softer.

Joe’s Grooming is a very affordable and basic line. Their hair care is a choice selection for males of all ages.

Finally, Philosophy is a beloved brand in bath and beauty products. They too have a line dedicated to the bearded face. Philosophy Man has everything included to get the smooth shave look.  Feedback on this set is always positive. Many sensitive skin users find comfort and relief with this trio of products.

The list of quality grooming for men goes on but these Made in USA grooming sets made the short list because they make it easy to give and for the recipient to use. Now they have their own goods and you keep yours all to yourself. Everybody is happy!

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Post by Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


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