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Wyatt Harrison

“USA Love List has become a daily site to me.  Being the owner of a small business based in Maryland it’s sometimes hard to find quality products that are made in the USA.  The team here never ceases to amaze me.”


Danielle Elderkin, President

“USA Love List has been so wonderful to work with. My agency represents two nationally recognized consumer brands that are proud to be made in the USA. I can’t thank them enough for their support — both on their website and during their multiple media appearances.”


donMonique Joyce

” Thank you to Jill Homiak, Tracey Hanson and Angela-Marie Barnes of USA Love List for giving Kevin’s Closet a platform for exposure. They so enthusiastically tried and promoted my products. I’m grateful. I also love that they provide a prominent resource for products made in the USA.”


Sue Schenck

As a teacher, I am constantly telling my students to “Buy American!”  Today, thanks to your website, I’m delighted to have purchased not only American-made sheets, but also an American-made dog bed!  THANK YOU!  I’m sharing this site with many other like-minded people!


Barb Hoyer

“Thanks to USA Love List, I’ve been a more conscientious shopper, always checking labels, even food ones, for items made in the USA; I want my dollars to support American companies, especially local ones.”


Stuart Holden

“There’s a resurgence of buying American made. USA Love List is at the forefront of that. Partnering with them is the single best thing we’ve ever done for our business.“


LeeAnn Stover

“USA Love List is a great website for all products made in the USA.  Not only were we featured with a wonderfully written review but the extra buzz the campaign created resulted in an increase in “likes” and brought  a lot of traffic to our online store. “


Tania Grant

“Pure Play Kids loves the love from USA Love List! We’ve gotten lots of great buyers from your site; on a personal note, we’ve loved getting great Made in the USA products from companies that you’ve featured on your site. Thanks for doing all that you do! Keep up the great work!”

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