Giveaway: Enter to win 3 pairs of American Made Compression Socks from Lily Trotters, Valued at $144

Lily Trotter American Made Fashion Compression Socks | 25 percent off coupon code SAVE25NOW

If you’re not familiar with compression socks, I suggest you read ahead. You’ll absolutely thank me later because Lily Trotters American made compression socks are a real life changer. I wear them almost everyday, whether I’m running errands around town, taking a leisurely walk, taking an indoor cycling class, hiking, or traveling, I have to have these socks.

Lily Trotters compression socks are a game changer, especially if you’re on your feet a lot. 

These socks are made with cushioned heels, reinforced toes, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial nylon. The 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression offers mild compression.  I love the weight of these socks too – they aren’t too heavy for summer, and offer some warmth during colder months.

Who benefits from wearing compression socks?

  • pregnant women
  • those who sit or stand or walk all day long
  • travelers, hikers, backpackers, athletes
  • those looking for improved vein health
  • …okay, basically what we’re saying is that YOU need compression socks.

Compression socks aid in

  • increased efficient circulation in the body, which may prevent cramping, spider veins, and blood clots
  • increased blood oxygen, which is believed to enhance athletic performance
  • muscle recovery, and leave legs feeling refreshed and energized
  • improve circulation in the body, which may prevent cramping, spider veins, and blood clots

 Lily Trotters fashion forward compression socks are very well made, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer

  • cushioned heels
  • reinforced toes
  • moisture-wicking
  • antimicrobial nylon

These socks offer medium 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression offers mild compression that is typically recommended during pregnancy or long flights, and to runners, cross-fitters, or anyone one sits, or stands, for long periods of time.

Lily Trotter American Made Fashion Compression Socks | 25 percent off coupon code SAVE25NOW



Lily Trotters is offering one lucky winner the chance to win 3 pair socks, in the pattern of your choice, with a total retail value of $144.

Lily Trotter American Made Fashion Compression Socks | 25 percent off coupon code SAVE25NOW

There are a variety of ways to enter this giveaway including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

Click the arrow buttons below for further instructions on each entry. This giveaway will close at midnight on May 4, 2017. The winner will be randomly selected, verified for correct entry participation, and notified by email.

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  1. Maryann D. says:

    These Compression Socks from Lily Trotters do look very well made and helpful to use.

  2. Ellen M. Kays says:

    I support buying American made items… the Lily socks look AWESOME!!!

  3. I love compression socks when I have to spend long hours traveling on an airplane. They prevent swelling of the feet and ankles from sitting in one spot for long hours. Great that we have a US manufacturer now with nice designs that we can get compression socks from. In the past, most of these were made overseas in one ugly, medical style design. Now, I can wear compression socks with everyone thinking they are just regular socks.

  4. I just bought my first pair of compression socks recently for wearing on an airplane flight, and I’m wondering why I never knew how great they are?

  5. I love to buy American made products and these socks look like they would be very comfortable.

  6. Rachelle says:

    I would love to win because I’m always on the lookout for new styles, and I LOVE knee high socks. These look great for working out and looking cute!

  7. Rachelle says:

    I haven’t heard of Lily Trotters brand before, but I think this will be on my list for American made Gifts for Birthdays and holidays. My favorite style is Sassy Bow in Denim.

  8. Patty Hendrick says:

    I look for American made products to buy so I can help fellow Americans keep jobs.

  9. I just love the hammered look of these measuring cups!

  10. American made means beautifully crafted items

  11. I’d love to win these socks to make ruining to work a little bit more bearable

  12. I live the dots a plenty in grey so much!

  13. I’ve been talking about starting to run the three miles to work. Winning these would definitely help make that work!

  14. I like buying American made because they usually create good jobs

  15. I love to wear compression socks and would love yo try these!

  16. the grey stripes are so pretty!

  17. I work in manufacturing and I know we all need jobs so I try to buy USA made products when I can.

  18. I would love to win these to wear when traveling! such a good idea

  19. I travel a lot and having these would be great for my legs during these jaunts. Nothing is better then happy legs after a long day. The styles are better then most that I have seen. A winner in my book.

    • Our business owner was inspired to create the line after a trip to South Africa! 🙂 They worked wonders on her legs…

  20. I love fun socks! I might even wear these for desk work if I won. Sitting for a long time is no good

    • Jill M Homiak says:

      They’re great if you sit, stand, or walk all the time. I love them to wear daily. Good luck! 🙂

  21. I love socks. I have a chest just filled with them. But I have none like these. It would be great to win such pretty and useful socks made in the USA

  22. I love the ones with the kisses.

  23. I love supporting made in the USA products.

  24. I’ve never worn Lily Trotter socks. Hope I win so I can try them!

  25. I’d like to win because I’m training for my first half marathon, and these would be a great tool to use!

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