We all have things in our car that we just can't live without, whether it is something that is an actual car accessory or it is something just for us. You are in your car every day. What better place to turn to treat yourself or give a thoughtful gift? Here is a list of some of the favorite things that people keep in their cars that are made right here in the USA.  We love made in the USA car accessories.

Guest post by Jamie McMackin

Car Accessories Made in the USA

Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats

You may think that all floor mats are created equal but that was before you tried Lloyd Luxe. These luxury class floor mats are made thicker and better than the traditional carpet floor mats making them better for your car and more comfortable and stylish for your car. To add to the luxury feel, the Lloyd Luxe floor mats are also treated with stain repellents so that when you do happen to spill something on the mats, they protect your car as they are supposed to while still looking sharp and free of stains. Possibly the best feature of these luxury floor mats is that they are all manufactured in Los Angeles.

Coverking Seat Velour Seat Covers

Upholsterers will tell you that it is actually hazardous to your vehicles upholstery to put just any seat covers on. While you may think that they are there to protect, they actually harm since the fit is more of a one size fits all that slips and shifts. Coverking costs a bit more than your typical seat covers but they are custom fit for both your seats and the color. These seat covers that are made in Southern California give you the best of both worlds, you save money compared to reupholstering your vehicle but with the custom fit, it won't damage the interior.  You truly get what you pay for with these great car accessories.

Huggies Baby Wipes

Even if you don't have a baby, everybody can use baby wipes for a number of reasons. They clean any surface just as well as soap and water but in a more convenient fashion. Additionally, they also tend to be less expensive than sanitizer wipes that are intended for older children and adults although they are all made of virtually the same things. The brand “Huggies” are important because they are actually made in the USA. Other brands, even Pampers, are made other places like Mexico although that does not affect their price in the least.  A quick clean up car accessory that everyone can use – baby wipes!

Decals to Show Your Loyalty to Made in USA

One must have accessory for any vehicle is the United States Flag. The USA flag decal is available in all sizes and shapes. You can even find some with the iconic checkered flag to incorporate some great American pastimes. If you are dedicated to having all of your accessories Made in USA, then you should add this to the side or rear window of your car, truck or SUV; just make sure it is an American made vehicle.

Super-Size Sticky Pad Car Dash Holder

No car will ever have the space that drivers need to hold all of their vital things without throwing them all over the car or being unable to reach when they are needed. This sticky pad is not only tagged with “Made in USA” but it also sticks to any dash and kind of magically holds anything you want on the dash. It keeps all of your important things, like your cell phone, MP3 player, glasses and even change secure in one spot, no matter how hard you hit the brakes.

Febreeze Car Vent Clips

The Febreeze car vent clips provide a scent that will oust any harsh odor. This is a new kind of air freshener that combines the scent of Febreeze with the convenience of a vent clip that is also adjustable so you only get the scent you want without becoming overwhelmed. This is an inexpensive air freshener that is Made in the USA by Proctor and Gamble.

Driving Comfort SUV Locking Cargo Organizer

The Driving Comfort SUV cargo organizer fits all of your valuable gear into one easy, convenient to use locking hard-side organizer that fits right into the bed of your cargo space. This organizer is made in the USA and is much more secure when compared to other SUV organizers.  Keep your other car accessories nice and neat!

Get Her Covered Windshield Cover

Windshield covers are essential to any vehicle but they are often bulky and inconvenient to use. The Get Her Covered windshield cover is unlike anything else on the market. It is big enough to cover up to 3 windows; the windshield, driver side and passenger side windows so you get the optimal coverage. These covers come in a range of colors and designs to fit your own unique style. From eastern Iowa, these covers are completely made in the USA.

Tervis Tumblers with Travel Lids

Devotees of Tervis Tumblers love them because they are guaranteed for life and they provide serious, condensation-free insulation for warm or cold drinks. Now they are offering travel lids making them the ideal American-made travel mug year-round.  A good tumbler is one of the must have car accessories.

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream

Udderly smooth is an American company specializing in various body products. Udderly smooth is not what you might think it is. It is a smoothing cream for any part of the body that suffers from dry skin. I keep a travel size portion of this lotion in my car with me at all times so that when I see my skin becoming dry and cracked, I already have it ready to go.

Jamie McMackin is a keen American motoring enthusiast. He enjoys sharing his motoring tips and stories on various auto blogs. Visit Wish to find out more about thrilling driving experiences.