A lot of the people who care about the environment also care about American jobs. And if you think about it, buying American is a great way to be green.  When you buy made in USA products, you support workers earning a fair wage under safe conditions in non-polluting plants. You require less shipping, and you keep more money in your local and national economy.

We are always looking for new sources to find American-made products.  The number-one thing we ask for is clear Made in USA labeling so we can make informed decisions, especially when shopping online.  So we were glad to hear about some new features at GreenCupboards.com, a company that embraces the connection between a commitment to the environment and a commitment to America.

Earth Day is this coming Sunday, April 22 so it was the perfect time to make some changes at Green Cupboards, a company dedicated to providing green alternatives to everyday purchases. The first couple of changes will be good news to all: they are offering carbon-neutral shipping through a partnership with UPS plus all shipping will be free for orders over $49 and just $5 for smaller orders.  But the Earth Day inspired change that will be of greatest interest to those who care about Buying American is the introduction of eco-traits.

Green Cupboards allows users to search for and view products by the eco-traits they care about. With 21 different eco-traits ranging from organic to free-trade to cruelty-free to gluten-free, not to mention made in USA, shoppers will have the power to take the guesswork out of shopping green and to make easy, informed decisions.  Their clever logos for each eco-trait make it easy and even fun to identify the kinds of products you care about.

Products at GreenCupboards.com are identified by the Made in USA eco-trait in each of the following categories:

Shopping by eco-traits is an idea we'd like to see spread and we're glad to see Made in USA included in the list. Honor the Earth this Earth Day by buying American.