Big thanks to our loyal readers who follow us to find out about trends and products made in the USA. If you have been hanging around here for a while, you are not likely to be one of those people who says, “Nothing is made in America anymore.” You know that's not true. Every single day, we find more stuff we love, Made in the USA. But, BUT, in spite of our best efforts, it is still hard to find what you need. Here are our best strategies for everyday shopping, and finding great American made gifts:

  1. Search For It.
    This one seems so obvious, but sometimes we forget. Whatever it is you need, search on Google or on Amazon for it with “Made in USA”. Sometimes it pops right up. The other day, I was buying dog nail clippers (thrilling!) and sure enough, I easily found a pair. However, I also searched for a “Stapler Made in USA” and came up empty handed. Every purchase makes a difference to somebody's job, somebody's business, somebody's hometown, so it is worth a quick search.
  2. Check our Pinterest Boards.
    We don't always get a chance to write about every product we find, but when our editors want to remember or find out more about a cool American-made product, we pin it to our USA Love List VIP's board and eventually, those pins get sorted into categories.
  3. Visit the USA Love List Shop.
    Over the past year, we have been slowly collecting the very best American-made products we could find on Amazon and placing them in the Amazon-powered USA Love List shop. New items are added all the time. Amazon is not the greatest at indicating where items are made, so we often have to identify the origin of items independently and then add them to the shop individually. Lots of major categories are covered and we feature the entire line of some of our most favorite brands.
  4. Shop Locally.
    We have found that local boutiques are absolute treasure troves of Made in USA brands that you may not have heard of. Stroll through and start turning things over, looking at labels. Or better yet, ask the shop keeper. More often than not, they are absolutely delighted to share their American-made finds. If you don't find something you love Made in the USA in your local shop, at least you have supported a local business.
  5. Try Our Favorite Catalogs.
    What does it take to be one of our favorites? Simple: clear country of origin labeling. These sites do not carry all American-made, but everything is clearly marked, sometimes they have pages listing their American-made products, and you can often do pretty well by typing “Made in USA” into their search boxes. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on them here and bookmark them, every time you shop there, a small percentage will come back to help support USA Love List at no cost to you.

  6. When All Else Fails, Bookmark and Shop Through This Link.
    Sometimes you simply can't find an American-made version of what you are looking for. Please consider clicking this link to Amazon's home page then drag it to your bookmark bar and use it for as much of your non-made-in-USA shopping as you can. This is USA Love List's affiliate link. Whenever you click through and then buy something, it does not cost you anything, but a small percentage goes to support USA Love List's efforts to promote American-made products. It is a simple way to support American-made, even when you can't buy American-made.

We hope you have found this list helpful. It is EXACTLY what the USA Love List team does when we want to buy American. If you have any tips of your own, please share them in the comments!