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Fysiko Natural Eyelash Growth Serum: 16 Week Results Update and Review

I started testing the Fysiko natural eyelash growing serum 16 weeks ago as part of a campaign for Sverve.  8 weeks into the trial, I posted my very visible progress photos and went over the pros and cons of this breakthrough treatment versus the prescription variety.  You can read the entire half-way update here. After the half-way point, my eyelash growth absolutely took off and everyone began to notice my lashes.  I work in a busy salon and retail environment where beauty is the daily agenda so these things do not go unnoticed.  Nearly daily, I have been asked...

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Fysiko Eyelash Serum: Made in the USA Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash growing serum is gaining popularity after the release of the prescription Latisse.  Once the side effects of Latisse were revealed, other companies started creating their own non-prescription version.  I got a chance to try Fysiko, a natural eyelash growth serum that is American made. Fysiko eyelash growth serum is comprised of peptides and many vitamins. Because it is made in the USA, I feel like I can trust the ingredients, especially since I'm using it daily on such a sensitive area. I'm halfway through my trial period, but I couldn't wait to share the results with you. The problems...

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Made in USA Beauty Products: June Favorites

Everybody likes an easy routine for summer.  It is warming up outside and we want to enjoy low maintenance style.  My favorite made in USA beauty products for June are all selected in favor of simplicity. Keeping your skin and hair healthy makes the rest of your summer beauty routine so much easier.  Who wants to pile on the makeup in the heat?! Seven Easy Beauty Solutions for Summer Red Ruby Groovy by Burt's Bees Gud line.  I am using the Nourish Shampoo and Softening Conditioner.  The scent is perfect for summer and the natural formulas work wonders on...

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