Intellipure Ultrafine

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Six American Made Household Goods We Love

Are you looking to add some American made household goods to your home?  Well, don't miss this list- we have every room covered! These items also make great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and holiday gifts.  Six American Made Household Goods We Love Authenticity 50 Luxury Bedding Investing in a set of high quality American made sheets is something everyone should do!  Authenticity 50 luxury bedding is made in the USA “from seed to stitch” from Supima cotton. Supima cotton costs 2xs more than regular cotton, and its fiber is stronger and softer than regular cotton.  This stronger fiber and the...

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Kitchen Appliances & Household Appliances: A Made in USA Source List

Believe it or not there are a variety of American made appliances that are sold at major retailers across the country. Whether you're looking for a American made blenders, washer and dryer, dishwashers, or other appliances, check out this list to find one you need. Let us know if you don't find something, and we'd be happy to help too.  American Made Kitchen Appliances & Household Appliances Small Kitchen & Household Appliances Blendtec blenders are all engineered and assembled in the company's family owned and operated facility in Orem, Utah. They do all injection molding in their facility and make the circuit boards that go...

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Surprising Natural Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids

Has your family been attacked by the cold or flu virus yet this winter?  Nothing makes me feel more helpless than when my kids are sick with a virus.  Here are some of the natural ways I keep my kids safe and comfortable while helping them fight their battle with the cold and flu viruses.  Natural Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids Use the Wet Sock Treatment Yes, I said wet socks. When anyone in my family shows the first sign of a cough, fever, stuffy nose, it's wet sock treatment for them that night. Just follow these 5 easy...

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Count the Reasons to Love this American Made Air Purifier

Ah…winter. The time of year that cold climate dwellers love to hate. The time of year when family sickness lingers….and lingers. The time of year where you just really wish you could throw open all the windows and air the germs out of the house, but can't because EVERYTHING INSIDE WOULD FREEZE…. Yes, the struggle is real. This is why the American made Intellipure Ultrafine 468 air purifier has been a welcome addition to my home this year. Small Town Revitalization in Pulaski, New York Everyone who supports the American Made movement knows that it's really, really challenging to find...

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American made Family Gift Ideas

Family gifts make a great option when shopping  for relatives and friends this holiday season. Instead of spending time trying to find the best present for each member of a family, consider purchasing one gift that the whole family can enjoy! A specially selected family gift has meaning and they encourage family fun and interaction.  Here are some family gift ideas to keep in mind when making that gift giving list. Made in the USA Family Gift Ideas What family doesn't LOVE pizza? With the KettlePizza charcoal grill insert, wood fired pizza can be made at home anytime they want...

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