Zoë b Organic is a mom-run company that focuses on providing children's products that are non-toxic AND safe for the environment. Their Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes and Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys are designed, manufactured and packaged right here in the USA.

What IS Anti-Plastic?

Zoë b Organic dishes and beach toys look and feel like plastic, but are in instead made with a bio-based material that comes from corn. Yup, that's right corn! And even better, corn grown right in Iowa! These products contain no BPA or phthalates, both chemicals commonly used in the making of plastic items that have been found to produce estrogen-like properties that may leach into the food that it touches. They also contain no petroleum, another common plastic ingredient.  Since the dishes and beach toys are made from corn sugar and not plastic, they are not recyclable- however,  they are BIODEGRADABLE when immersed in soil or water for 2-3 years.  You can even compost them if you so choose. Anti-Plastic rocks!

Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes

Zoë b Organic Fantastic Anti-Plastic Kids' Dish Sets are Made in the USA

I received the 3 piece dish set from Zoë b Organic for review. It includes a plate, a bowl, and a cup.

Why do my kiddos love the Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes?
My 5 year old son loves that they are ‘Made in the USA'. The plate and bowl are light enough for him to carry comfortably.  My 3 year old daughter loves the bright colors. I have also noticed with her that due to the slight edge on the plate she has an easier time “forking” her food with out it ending up all over the table.

Why do I love the Fantastic Anti -Plastic Dishes?
I started purging my kitchen of plastic everything about a year ago when I really started paying attention to the claims that the chemicals in plastic were leaking into our children's food causing possible health risks. The first things to go were my kiddos plastic dishes.  I have since been on the hunt for replacement ‘Made in the USA', non plastic dishes and these Zoë b Organic dishes fit both those qualifications.  I have also been looking for children's dishes that are an appropriate size for my kiddos.  The Fiestaware plates I have are usually too big or the saucers too small for their meals. The glasses I have are also either too small (they ask for refills 50 times)  or too big (they can't comfortably hold them). The anti-plastic dishes are just the right size! The plate is the perfect in-between size, the bowl is big enough, and the cup is just right….I feel like Goldilocks! These dishes are also perfect for picnics on the beach.  They fit perfectly in our bag, They are light weight, but yet just heavy enough not to blow away in the sea breeze like paper or plastic plates do.

These dishes do not have a shiny coating like most plastic dishes.  I have to admit I was concerned when I served homemade pizza, and grease spots were left on the plate.  I had nothing to worry about- the spots washed right out! The dishes are dishwasher safe, however, I hand wash them most of the time since 2 kiddos and one set on hand right now means they are in high demand! (We like them so much we are ordering another set so each kiddo has their own!)

One thing I suggest is to remind everyone (i.e. husband/wife) not to cut on the plate. The anti-plastic, like regular plastic, will scratch when cut upon and it did

Fantastic Anti Plastic Beach Toys

Zoë b Organic Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys are Made in the USA

The beach toy set contains 5 pieces-  a bucket with a tray lid, 2 cups and a scoop.

Upon first impression I thought them too small. When I saw the age on the box as 18 months+ I figured my kiddos would deem them too babyish and lose interest. I was so wrong! My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves these beach toys. She and her 4 year old cousin played with the Fantastic Anti Plastic Beach Toys the whole time we were at the beach, choosing these over all the other toys. They even made a new friend (2 years old) who abandoned his plastic bucket to join them! This picture tells all:

Zoë b Organic Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach are popular and Made in the USA

Why kiddos love the Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys? The scoop is small enough for their little hands to maneuver and is sturdier than most plastic shovels, so they have no problem scooping up beach sand.  The bucket is just the right size for them to fill with water and yet still be light enough for them to carry.  The tray has 2 handles and is perfect in aiding little hands in the transport of shells, rocks, sticks, sand ‘pies' and ocean ‘tea'.  The cups are just like real kitchen cups, but smaller and fun for them to play with. These toys are just the right size to use in the tub too and my daughter has insisted they are bath AND beach toys.

Why do I love the Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys? My kiddos and I are very conscious of all the trash on our beaches. We are constantly picking litter out of the sand and water, and surprise, surprise, most of that trash is made from plastic. Buying beach toys made from bioplastic is a great alternative to common, environmentally polluting plastic beach toys.  The Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys will biodegrade in 2-3 years when they are discarded, while plastic products take 500 years to breakdown, causing hazards to wildlife in the meantime.

This video by Zoë b Organic, which includes Eco-friendly beach tips,  sums up the damage that plastic causes to our Eco-system when improperly disposed- and even properly disposed- of. Do you honestly know where your trash will be in 500 years???

For more information, go to http://www.zoeborganic.com/

The entire Zoë b Organics line is available on the Zoe b Organics website, directly from Amazon, and also in the USA Love List Shop full of hand-selected American-made items.

[Disclosure: USA Love List received these products unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]