A note from USA Love List founder, Sarah Wagner:

Thanks for visiting USA Love List, a little project that grew by the day until it took off and couldn't be stopped. It is great to be involved in something that everyone loves to love! Our eight-person team is working every day to learn about great American products, add items to our catalog, and connect with American businesses. I personally love to travel and taking factory tours is something the kids love too so I hope to be able to share as many of those experiences as possible. Discovering new products makes my job a non-stop treasure hunt!

Here is the full scoop on me: I live near Philadelphia, I'm a native of Michigan as well as a summer resident, and I try to travel as much as humanly possible for a mom with school-aged kids. I usually have too much going on (though I have been known to play hooky). I love sailing and I'm a competitive tennis player who stays up way too late when I need to get anything done. Back in the day, I worked at Stanford developing online services to strengthen alumni networks before moving to the East Coast and getting a MA in educational technology with a special research interest in building online communities. I hear those are big lately! In addition to my work on USA Love List, I also own a family travel business called The Family Escape that involves travel consulting, a travel diary blog, and an RV rental operation. So if you want to rent an RV and road trip the USA, I'm your girl there too. Finally, I am particularly proud of my very active volunteer work as a service unit manager, trainer, and leader mentor with Girl Scouts, the world's largest organization for leadership development in girls and women. That's the other way I show my USA love.

So, now you know, we have no particular politics or agenda here other than supporting American business, manufacturing, and products. Oh, and it gives us more excuses for shopping, which is always fun. Now that that's done, we'd love to get to know you. Please take a moment to say hi through the links on our Contact page and then go spread a little USA love around. -SW