I was at a cookout this past weekend, watching my kiddos play with a pack of kids, when out of nowhere I hear someone say, “I am pretty sure that there are no more bicycles made in the United States”.  My ears perked up. As you know, I have a special talent for finding “Made in USA”.

I turn around and behind me is my hubby and a new friend  in deep discussion about mountain bikes and road bikes. They each brought up a couple of company names, and agreed  that those companies had moved overseas or no longer existed (they were correct). They could not think of any American bicycle makers.  Of course, I was suddenly obsessed and when I got home I began my search for bicycles made in the USA.  Here is what I found.

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This made in USA bicycle list is mentioned in the Industry Week article, Bike Production Shifts Gear and Rolls Back to the US!


Looking for bike storage ideas?

The Rackcycle Bike Rack

The made in USA Grassracks Rackcycle bike rack is crafted from strong, solid 1/2” bamboo and can hold up to 65 pounds. The Rackcycle bike rack even has a convenient shelf that can be used for holding keys, purse, wallet, and utility hooks that can hold jackets, or helmets.  The Grassracks mission is to create amazing, high quality products and offer them at a fair price. The Rackcycle is Eco friendly. It is built to last from natural bamboo, and all Grassracks storage products are finished with whey protein (a by product of cheese making) based wood finishing from Vermont Natural Coatings.

The Rackcycle Bike Rack by Grassracks |made in USA

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