On the hunt for an American made bike? You have landed on the right page. This list of bikes made in the USA includes mountain bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes, BMX bikes and more.

I was at a cookout this past weekend, watching my kiddos play with a pack of kids, when out of nowhere I hear someone say, “I am pretty sure that there are no more bicycles made in the United States”.  My ears perked up. As you know, I have a special talent for finding “Made in USA”.

I turn around and behind me is my hubby and a new friend  in deep discussion about mountain bikes and road bikes. They each brought up bicycle industry big-wig names like Trek and Cannondale, and thought that those companies had moved overseas (they were correct). They could not think of any American manufacturers of bicycles.  Of course, I was suddenly obsessed and when I got home I began my search for bicycles made in the USA.  Here is what I found.

Bikes Made in USA

Confession: I am not a bike person. I had bikes growing up, I had a bike in my 20s to get around town, and I have gone trail bike riding a handful of times. My bike knowledge is low level. I thought there were only two types of bicycles- mountain bikes and road bikes. Please forgive me for my mistake, as most of you who are reading this list are passionate about your bikes and your cycling sport!

I know now that there are a variety of bike types that coincide with a number of cycling sports. The perfect bike is the one that is built exactly for a bike person's cycling sport and fitted for their body size. So, for those of you who are clueless like I was, what are the different types of bikes?

Types of Bikes

This list of bikes made in the USA contains more bike types than I even knew existed! A very brief description of those types is below.

  1. Mountain: Mountain biking is off-road cycling that includes rough terrain. Mountain biker look for bikes like cross-country(XC) bikes, all mountain bikes, enduro bikes, downhill(DH) & free-ride bikes, trail bikes, and fat bikes.
  2. Road: Road bikes are made to go fast and for distance. Road riding bikes include endurance bikes, road race bikes, aero bikes, gravel bikes, tri bikes.
  3. Track: Track bikes are designed for track racing and traditionally have no brakes (yikes!) and one gear.
  4. BMX: BMX bikes are made for stunts and ramps. BMX bikes are usually found in two types; BMX racing and BMX freestyle.
  5. Cyclocross: Cyclocross bikes are designed to go fast on a cyclocross course which has both paved and off-road terrain. Cyclocross bikes are built for the sport, and some are special made with a road bike frame.
  6. Commuter: Commuter bikes are used to get from one place to another (not taking into consideration a need for speed) and many are designed to carry bags or gear. Types of commuter bikes would be cargo bikes, folding bikes, touring bikes (for long distance), cruiser bikes (short distances), hybrid bikes. These bikes are perfect for urban cyclists.
  7. Tandem: Tandem bikes are bikes that allow two or more people to peddle together in tandem. Tandem bikes can be found as road bikes and as mountain bikes.
  8. Tricycles: Tricycles are bikes with three wheels. Our list includes trikes for kids and adults. Recumbent bikes are three wheel adult bikes that are low to the ground.
  9. Electric Bikes: Electric bikes are fairly new to the bike scene. An electric bike or ebike is equipped with an electric motor that can be activated for more power. Check out our list of The Best Electric Bikes Made in the USA.

USA Bike Manufacturers

While doing research for this list, I also learned that there are different types of bike manufacturers in the USA.

There are bike companies that design and manufacture bike parts, like frames, forks, stems, handlebars, and more.

There are companies that build bikes in the USA from parts sources locally and globally. The bikes that are built in the USA are made by cutting parts to custom make a bike for a specific cycle sport, rider size, and user preference. Most of the bikes on this list are built in the USA from local and global parts as it is near impossible to find all of the parts needed to make a bike sourced in the USA.

We also have included companies in our list that assemble bikes in the USA. These companies employ hundreds of Americans. Employees build tires, paint frames, assemble bikes and perform quality checks. Here at USA Love List we value every effort a company makes to keep jobs here.

You will notice that most of the American-made bikes on this list are high-end bicycles. Many of the bikes are built by hand, not through mass production, which takes a lot of time. Quality materials like carbon and titanium are used for high quality strong frames.

We try to specify the manufacturing process in the company descriptions. Please reach out to the bike company directly if you have questions about their products.

This made in USA bicycle list is mentioned in the Industry Week article, Bike Production Shifts Gear and Rolls Back to the US!

American Made Bikes: The Source List

**Thanks for all of the American made tips in the comment section! This list was originally created in 2013. We try to update our list at least once a year, so keep the suggestions coming! Also, we have noticed over the years that many USA bike companies gain in popularity and switch manufacturing to China and Taiwan to keep up with demand. We have removed many companies from out list because of this.

  • 313 Bicycle Works custom built frames are handmade in Detroit, Michigan. 313 Bicycle Works makes a single speed city bike, a steel road bike, and a mountain bike.
  • 616 Bicycle Fabrications hand built custom bikes and components. Bike frames include fat, tandem, cargo, mountain and gravel made in Michigan.
  • Alchemy Bikes handcrafted mountain, road, gravel, and all road bike frames made in Colorado.
  • Allied Cycle Works  carbon fiber bikes are ‘MADE HERE' and arrive at your doorstep from the manufacturing facility. Bike selection includes road racing bikes, cross country bikes, all road bikes, and more.
  • Bike Friday folding and travel bikes and tandem bikes are built in Oregon from parts sourced around the world. All bikes are custom built to order.
  • Bilenky Cycle Works  Road, touring, cross country, mountain, urban, cargo and tandem steel or titanium bike frames are built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Bishop Bikes was started in 2007 and each bike is built by hand in Baltimore, Maryland. Bikes are custom made to meet the customer's size, needs, and specifications for road, gravel, cyclocross, track, city/commuting, randonneur and more.
  • Black Market Bikes frames are made in California for custom built mountain bikes. You can get a bike kit or a completed bike.
  • Calfee Designs Carbon and bamboo frames are custom built in California. Calfee Designs high-end carbon bike frames have been used in the Tour de France since 1991.
  • Capitol Bicycles custom built mountain bike, road bike, and other frames are made in Kentucky
  • Catrike trikes (low to the ground tricycles for adults with no handle bars) are built in Florida.
  • CHUMBA Bikes mountain bikes, gravel bikes and all road bikes are built in the USA. The frames are built in the USA from steel and titanium sourced world wide.
  • Co-Motion Cycles single or tandem touring, road, cyclocross bikes are built in Oregon.
  • Crust Bikes  custom built bikes, are made in New Jersey
  • David Kirk  custom racing bikes with frames handmade in Montana. 
  • DEAN  hand-made titanium bike frames, mountain, gravel, travel, road bikes are built in Colorado.
  • Detroit Bikes  minimalist commuter bikes manufactured in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Dirt King  tricycles for kids and adults are built in Kansas.
  • ENVE road bikes, wheels, and components are designed and built in the USA. Race and All Road bikes are custom made.
  • Firefly  road, cyclocross, utility, and mountain bikes are custom built in Boston.
  • Foes aluminum alloy frame mountain bikes handmade in Pasadena, California
  • Funk Cycles  handcrafted mountain, fat bikes, gravel, cyclocross, and road bike frames are built in Colorado
  • Georgena Terry  custom designed and built steel bicycles built by a woman, for women.
  • Guerrilla Gravity carbon mountain bike frames are designed and built in Colorado.
  • Holland Cycles road and gravel carbon and titanium bikes hand built custom in California
  • Industry Nine is a designer and manufacturer of wheels, wheel hubs, and wheel components. They started with mountain bike wheels and hubs, but they also offer wheels and components for dirt jump, road, gravel, and e-bikes. They are located in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Lenz Sport mountain bikes and ski bikes are handmade in Oregon. 
  • Lightening Cycle Dynamics  recumbent P-38 and R-84 models are built in the United States of America.
  • Litespeed Bicycles  high-end road and mountain bikes are made from titanium and carbon fiber in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Lynskey Performance Designs road, mountain, and custom titanium bikes and components made in Tennessee.
  • Milwaukee Bicycle Co. road bike steel frames are made in the USA by Waterford Precision Cycles. Note: not all of Milwaukee Bicycle Co frames are made in USA, but about 90% of them are.
  • Moots  road, mountain, and cross country titanium framed bikes and components are made in Colorado.
  • Mosaic Cycles titanium and steel mountain, road, gravel, cyclocross, city bikes are handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Nobilette touring and expedition bikes built in Colorado.
  • Oddity Cycles custom mountain bike frames are handmade in Colorado.
  • Phoenix Bike WRX is a small, family run bicycle manufacture located in Kansas. They build recumbent and crank forward bicycles in 7005-T6 aluminum or 4130 steel
  • Santana offers a full range of tandem bikes made in California.
  • Seven Cycles  custom built road, touring, urban, cyclocross, mountain, and tandem bikes made with carbon, steel, or titanium frames. Made in Massachusetts.
  • Shinola urban bikes built in the USA from global & local parts and hand assembled in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Skylar custom mountain and cross bike frames are handmade in Montana. 
  • Sotherland Custom Bicycles   High performance steel frame road, cyclocross and touring bikes custom built in Wisconsin
  • Standard  BMX and freestyle frames made in USA since 1991.
  • Turner Bikes  suspension mountain bikes built in California
  • Utah Trikes  custom built trikes for racing or commuting .Note: not all Utah Trikes bikes are made in USA- shop the custom built bikes.
  • Vassago Cycles Mountain bike frames made in USA.
  • Ventana Mountain Bikes USA   mountain, tandem, cross country, trail and fat bike frames made in Northern California.
  • Worksman Cycles leisure, urban, tricycle, cargo, special needs bikes are made in Conway, South Carolina from domestic and imported parts.
  • Wyatt Bicycles mountain bikes are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin. These high-end bikes have frames that are made in-house from American-made tubing.

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American Made Bikes via USA Love List. Our list of bikes made in USA including mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes, and more.