Everyone is looking for American made shoes. What kind of shoes are you looking for? We have a guide for every category. Are you searching for made in USA men's shoes, ladies' shoes, shoes for kids? Or maybe you are on the hunt for made in USA work boots, hiking boots, sandals, slippers, cowboy boots, or sneakers? Within each one of our source guides is an exhaustive list of every source we can find. Because, really, it should not be so hard to buy shoes made in the USA!

Don't worry, we found them for you. We have gathered all of the lists of shoes made in the USA that we have created over the years and put them in one easy to save ultimate source guide. We used to have a huge list of brands here of all kinds of Made in USA shoes, but the list got so long that we broke it up into several different types of lists depending on what kinds of shoes you are looking for. You really do have many, many good choices when shopping for American made shoes.

Buyers beware. These lists contain footwear brands that are manufactured in the USA and assembled in the USA. In this category, there are some outstanding American made shoes that come from companies that only make certain styles in the USA. We want to encourage all US manufacturing; if we demonstrate demand for the USA-made show styles, they will continue making them and expand their American made product lines. For this reason, we have included brands that might manufacture a style or two in the USA, but not all styles, so always check your labels and look for “Made in USA” before you buy! 

American Made Shoes: Top Picks

American Made Sneakers: SOM Footwear

American manufacturing is alive and well in Colorado! Allow us to introduce SOM Footwear, shoes designed to serve your feet well during everything from walking the dog to CrossFit! This made in USA shoe's minimalist, zero-drop design gives you the freedom and stability of barefoot walking with all the protection and support you need.

The Trailhead is SOM's most technical, sports-driven shoe, using the abrasion-resistant SuperFabric® while keeping out the mud, rain, and other elements Mother Nature can throw at you. If you are looking for a shoe that treats your feet right, regardless of whether you are on a trail run or out for a night on the town, the Trailhead has you covered!

Handcrafted with love in Colorado for the discerning customer, SOM focuses on making a quality product right here in America and backing it up with out-of-this-world customer service. There are styles for everyone, from the boardroom (check out the Urban Trekker),  to the backcountry, SOM wants to keep you happy, head to toe.

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source Guide

We are constantly creating new source lists. Is there a type of shoe that you are looking for American Made? Let us know in the the comments and we will create a list!

Our favorite retailers that offer Made in USA shoes:

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American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List via USAlovelist.com. The ultimate guide to shoe brands still manufacturing in the USA.


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