OK, I admit it, cleaning is NOT something I like to spend my time doing.  I am always on the hunt for American made cleaning products that can cut down my cleaning time, AND work well.  Today we are giving away a prize package that includes made in the USA cleaning products that do both.

Scott's Liquid Gold American Made Cleaning Products

Scott's Liquid Gold cleaning products have been manufactured in the USA for 65 years. All of the boxes, cans, containers, and boxes that contain Scott's Liquid Gold products are American made as well.  I received Scott's Liquid Gold cleaning products to try out, and I have to say, they quickly became my go to products for many of the chores on my “To Do” list. Below is a description of those Scott's Liquid Gold products, and why I love them- even if I don't like having to use them! Receive free shipping on all orders over $15 shipped to US addresses purchased through the Scott's Liquid Gold website

Dust 'n Go | Cleaning Products made in USA
Scott's Liquid Gold Dust ‘n Go pre-moistened wipes  are very handy for touch ups and quick “company's coming” dusting. I use the Dust n' Go wipes on furniture- even the hubby's favorite  pleather chair. They are also handy in wiping toothpaste off of the wooden cabinet doors in my bathroom. 

Scott's Liquid Gold | Wood Care | Made in USA
I use Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Care for cleaning + dusting  furniture, shelves, kitchen chairs, and yes, even my walls. My house is a log house and the Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative makes my log walls shine, and aids in repelling dust, giving me longer time between wall dustings.

Scott's Liquid Gold | Wood Wash | Made in USA
Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash is my go to for cleaning my wood laminate floors and kitchen cabinets. The Wood Wash leaves my floors shiny + clean without leaving a residue or making them slippery. This product is safe for use on porcelain, tile, wood, laminate, painted surfaces, and more.

Extra bonus: All of these Scott's Liquid Gold products have a fabulous almond scent!

….and speaking of scent….

Touch of Scent concentrated air freshener and dispenser
Touch of Scent concentrated air freshener is part of the Scott's Liquid Gold cleaning product family. The scent dispenser is made in the USA, requires no batteries and has no electrical parts.  Touch of Scent air freshener is crisp, clean, and is available in 12 scents.  

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