Bare Repbulic

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Summer Beauty Tips and the American Made Products You Need Now For Hot Weather Beauty Fixes

Being active out in the sun can require some “rest and recovery” summer beauty products.  The common blemishes of the heat can be rapidly recovered with these American made summer skin care fix-its. The following summer beauty tips include my go to list of American made products that will keep you looking pulled together even in the thick of hot weather living.  Summer Beauty Tips PROBLEM:  Smears at the pool, heat melted makeup or full on exhaustion at the end of the night. SOLUTION:  La Fresh Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes don't require any tugging, they dissolve makeup quickly using simple strokes...

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Giveaway: Mineral Sunscreen Bundle from Bare Republic

Just time time for Summer, we partnered with one of the best sunscreen brands on the market. It's both affordable and non-toxic. What sunscreen are you using? Please, please say it’s a natural mineral one. Go check it now! If it has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, you’re good to go. If not, read more about sunscreen chemicals and how they affect us. Don't slather yourself with cancer causing chemicals that are supposed to be preventing skin cancer. They even offer UV protecting dry shampoo! Don’t miss this giveaway for Mineral Sunscreen. Available at Target stores nationwide, Bare Republic is making...

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