Confession: I absolutely despise bra shopping. I have always been an in-person bra shopper, usually hitting up all the stores in the mall, looking for the right fit, the right style, the right material. Of course, finding the best bras made in the USA in stores is impossible, so I usually go with foreign-made bras, and usually cheap ones because I buy all of my bras at once. Hey, when I find a style and a brand that actually fits perfectly, I buy every color. This means all my bras fall apart at the same time!

Is Playtex made in the USA?

One of the most popular bra brands is Playtex. In 2006, the Platex apparel line , which includes bras, underwear, and more, was sold to Hanesbrands Inc. Platex bras and other Hanes Brand bras like Bali and Maidenform, are found in big box stores nationwide. Are Platex bras made in the USA? Nope. Though Hanesbrand Inc. is an American owned company headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the manufacturing facilities are located around the world. Platex bras are not made in the USA.

Buying Bras Online

I have always been afraid to purchase a bra online. I mean, if it takes me over an hour to find a bra that fits when I am actually trying it on, how am I going to buy one with out trying it on? Well, fitting rooms are not open here in my neck of the woods due to the COVID, and I am in desperate need of new bras. Now is the perfect time for me to switch my way of purchasing bras. Instead of buying all my cheap, foreign made bras at one time, I am going to invest in high quality American made bras, and spread the purchases out.


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Always check the product details to confirm the country of origin, but we're confident you'll find some great options and they are listed in alphabetical order.

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