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Tips & Products to fix your Makeup Organization Made in USA

Everyone needs a great place to stash their makeup and skin care products to keep the bathroom from cluttering up.  Just tossing your most used goods into a drawer or under the sink can cause chaos in the morning.  Having a sorting system keeps the morning routine flowing smoothly.  You may also need a way to take your favorite gloss and powder to go.  I have the made in USA  makeup organization solutions here. First, I want to share my most effective ways of storing all my makeup and skin care.  I have tried about every way possible and...

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Hunting for Made in USA at Costco… Crazy?

Hunting for USA Made at Costco They say nothing is made in America anymore… our regular readers know it is not true. But the more I look around, the more “Made in USA” is jumping out at me, often in the most surprising places. Of course, American-made products can still be hard to find. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports revealed that 41% of Americans who tried to buy American-made products were unable to find them. We're doing what we can to help with that here at USA Love List, even at Costco! Pawing through stores, turning things over to hunt for those three tiny words, “Made in USA” has become my version of looking for treasure. I'm delighted when the packaging makes it easy for me by including a flag or a more prominent “Made in USA” signal. A recent poll reported that 97% of Americans have a favorable view toward items made in the USA. Frankly, I'm amazed that more companies don't promote their American-made products more actively.  They certainly should.  Think of the money they would make and the customers they would gain! My Costco WIN The other day though, I found a lovely selection of made in USA items, well marked, just where I least expected it… at Costco. I couldn't resist snapping some photos of pots and pans from Calphalon, glasses from Luminarc, baking pans from Nordic Ware, and storage...

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