Sometimes we need last minute Halloween costumes. Face paint is a quick and easy transformation. I've got some simple templates for you and a source for Made in USA face paint that can be delivered to your door ASAP.

Face Painting Ideas With Made in USA Face Paint

Face paint opens the door to creative costumes and endless party ideas! It is also affordable and easily accessible.   No size searching or haphazardly made costumes.  Don't just reach for the toxic junk in the seasonal aisle.  We have found several brands that offer made in USA face paint.

Made in USA Face Paints

  • Go Green Face Paints are high-quality natural face paints. They are petroleum free, lead-free, dye free, paraben free and contain organic ingredients.
  • The Natural Face Paint Kit by Natural Earth Paint is non-toxic, safe, Eco-friendly, and handmade in Oregon. The main ingredient of Natural Earth Paint is clay and these face paints contain organic ingredients and no petroleum. Check the Natural Earth Pain YouTube page for some how-to videos!
  • Ruby Red face and body paints are made in Texas. Ruby Red face and body paints are hypoallergenic, vegan, nut free,  paraben free, and gluten-free. Ruby Red face and body paints are available in a variety of pallets. The Ruby Red stencils and stickers are also American made.

Face Painting DIY Costume Ideas

Zombie movies and television shows are popular.  Turn an old costume into a new one by adding a twist and making it a zombie cheerleader, pirate or whatever you may have lying around.  Be creative.

We’ve linked to some great face painting examples on Pinterest for inspiration.

Get the Zombie Look!

Try some of the classic favorites

Challenge yourself with these other ideas or make any design more intricate.

Try emulating an era icon using American made cosmetics as we did with the Marilyn Monroe look.  You can have tons of fun with pop culture costumes.  Let the creative juices flow.

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