Botanicals for Hope

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Sale at Botanicals for Hope Benefits Breast Cancer Awareness

Botanicals for Hope is a marine and botanically based natural skin care line.  We introduced the line here in May and have since featured Botanicals for Hope in a “how to” video and in other articles because of its outstanding effects on the skin. The founder of Botanicals for Hope, Kimberly Luker, created this line out of a lack of what she needed on the market.  Kimberly was going through breast cancer treatment in 2008 and the chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries had left her with irritated skin.  Going through treatment, it was critical that she use products that were...

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How to Apply Serum & Why It Is Great Under Foundation {Featuring US Made Nourish Bioactive Serum}

Serum can be used under foundation to give your daily makeup routine some skin care benefits.  I used the Botanicals for Hope Nourish Bioactive Serum in a video explaining how to wear serum under foundation and some of the benefits it has for the skin. Benefits of wearing Nourish Bioactive Serum under foundation: toned skin hydrated and balanced moisture added radiance to complexions primed skin for makeup application [youtube] How to apply serum under foundation: Apply the serum to a clean face in upward strokes, I use about 2 pumps. Let it set for about a minute before...

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Natural Skin Care for Healing the Skin: Introducing Botanicals for Hope

Update: Botanicals for Hope ceased product production in October of 2015. Botanicals for Hope is a line of American made, natural skin care products that aids in healing the skin.  Even if you have no skin irritation this is a highly nourishing line that will put your skin in optimal condition for anti aging.  The line was developed in the small ocean side kitchen of the founder, Kimberly Luker.   She carefully created natural skin care products to heal her skin as it was under going cancer treatment.  These treatments can cause tremendous skin irritation as can many other...

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