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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Steal the Look – Vintage Glam

Have you wondered how to pull off a vintage glam look? I'm here to show you how! I've paired pieces from Emily Hallman, Boticca's Suzanna Dai and Presenza so you can feel like your most glamourous self. As you know from many of my other posts, I like highlighting the waist in order to show off the most slender you.  Notice how you can really see Kara‘s waist?  That's because the skirt and top work together to cinch the waistline. You can do the same with the Camilla skirt by Emily Hallman.   Many of Emily Hallman's other skirts hit the waist. Be sure to check them out! This summer's neutral color is grey or Driftwood as Pantone, the color forecaster, likes to call it.  Just like the Camilla skirt, the Presenza wrap top hits right under the bust, while properly covering the bust. I am in love with Suzanna Dai's jewelry! Her pieces are timeless and unique. I particularly love the Rouen Drop Earrings. I typically wear drop earrings because they elongate and slim the face.  Pair your earrings with the Sunset Boulevard Cuff. “Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!” xoxo, Jill, Founder, Presenza & Fashion Editor, USA Love List...

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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Accessories Brighten Basic Black Pants

Black Pants Styled For Any Occasion by shoppresenza featuring david aubrey jewelry Spring is a busy season. Most people have busy weekends packed with graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and road trips. Sometimes it can be stressful to create an outfit so that you are projecting your most confident self. Simple style is made easy by building your wardrobe with foundational pieces, like well fitting black pants. Make your outfit pop with simple bold accessories. Here's an easy way to use American-made fashion pieces to dress up simple black pants so that you're ready for any occasion! * Select a statement necklace and accessories to complement it. When you walk in the room everyone will be complimenting your great accessories!  Try these David Aubrey marigold colored pieces, made in the USA, from *  Add bright and simple accessories that make your outfit pop. You don't have to select pieces that are in a set; add pieces that have varied textures. I like this leather wrap watch from La Mer Collection. * Pick comfortable shoes made in the USA that you can wear from day to night and the next day too! It's best to pick shoes that complement your accessories.  I love Oka-b ballet flats; they are feel like they were made just for you! * Pair your simple black pants with a top that flatters your figure.  I suggest a...

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Made in the USA Monday Fashion: Gold Rush

HUGE news, USA Love List readers:  Last week's guest post on American-made fashion was met with massive enthusiasm. Clearly, there is a thirst for luxury and style, made in the USA.  Jill Homiak has a real talent for finding and styling the very best of made in the USA fashion.  So we are thrilled to introduce her as USA Love Lists' new Fashion Editor. Jill will be providing style advice and inspiration every Monday. Hi USA Love List readers! I'm excited to introduce myself as a regular contributor to USA Love List. If you are like me, sometimes it feels daunting to put together...

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