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How to Get Cash Back on Made in USA Shopping

Yes, you read that correctly. Perhaps you're skeptical and don't want to sign up for yet another “thing”. I'm here to tell you how incredibly simple using Ebates is. If you're looking to get cash back on Made in USA shopping online, here are three simple steps for doing so.   1. Simply login at Ebates. Every time you “Tell-A-Friend” about Ebates, you'll BOTH get $10.   2. Click on the link to the online store from which you'd like to shop.  {You can easily search for the e-tail site from which you'll be making a purchase by typing in the name of...

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Cash Back On Made in USA Shopping From Wal-mart, Home Depot, Sears and More!

We all love finding made in USA goods from our favorite retailers. Well, it just got better because there is a way to get cash back on made in USA shopping purchases you make.  Perhaps you shop at Target, Sears, Home Depot or Sam's Club? Check out how much these stores offer in cash back. While all the products at these stores aren’t made in the USA, they are a great place to start looking for your favorite made in USA finds while earning cash back from Ebates. It is always worth trying to start by typing “Made in USA”...

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