Knock Out!

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Hey Sexy, Don’t Miss Our Ultimate Source List for Lingerie Made in the USA

Ladies, share this post with your special someone right now. Don't want to wait for a gift? I'll vouch for you…your splurge purchase is actually an investment in the hard-hit American garment industry.  We have an entire list of lingerie made in the USA for you, recently updated and ready for shopping. Once again, our favorite source for a wide range of lingerie and women's underwear made in the USA is Nordstrom. In addition to the brands on our source list, click our preset search for made in USA lingerie at Nordstrom. Always check the product details to confirm...

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Ultimate Travel Packing List for Backpacking, Domestic, and International Travel

It's hard not to over- or under-pack. I've found that when I travel via car I over-pack. Then when I fly, I under-pack because I don't like feeling bogged down by my belongings. There has to be something in between, with a focus on essentials you might need, and wouldn't want to be stuck without. I've spent months thinking about this travel packing list and finding all American made traveling essentials that you'd need for any type of travel you might be doing. You'll be surprised that everything you need is available and made right here in the USA. Here's...

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Giveaway: American Made Wicking Underwear from Knock Out!

At USA Love List, we only share things we love, and Knock Out! REALLY is a brand we love. Words really can't express how much I appreciate the utility and functionally of Knock Out! underwear. Although these undergarments may appear to be like others you've seen before, they are far from it. Knock Out!'s American made wicking underwear are made with a patent pending fabric, No Trace, which eliminates odor and sweat all day. My personal favorite are the Smart Panties Lacy Thong. Don't forget these four tips for staying dry, down there, during summer's heat: Wear natural and loose fitting fabrics,...

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American Made Wicking Underwear from Knock Out! – Try a FREE pair and you will be hooked!

USA Love List recently stumbled upon these fabulous, made in USA, patent-pending undergarments from Knock Out!. I didn't know about this brand, which is based right in my neck of the woods, but now that I have tried them myself, I'm very excited to share. And we are also excited to let you know that they are based in Washington DC and the products are made in South Carolina. But we are positively ecstatic to share a special freebie offer exclusively for USA Love List readers so read on… Although these undergarments may appear to be like others you've seen before, they are far from it. They are the missing link in your wardrobe, allowing you to move comfortably from the gym to work to picking up the kids from school. All Knock Out! products use a patent pending fabric, No Trace, which eliminates odor and sweat all day. I can attest, these pieces perform to the fullest, leaving you comfortable and dry all day long. And did I mention how beautiful they are? Here are the benefits of Knock Out! Smart Panties: * The NO TRACE garments have technology that enables cotton fabric to wick moisture away from the body, pulling it to the outer side of the liner, dispersing it, and not allowing it to move back toward the body. * NO TRACE garments have patented odor...

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