Mi Ola

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How to Survive A Beach Outing With Kids & American made sources for beach gear

My kiddos' favorite summer activity is going to the beach. Fresh water, salt water, they don't care. As long as they can get wet and play in sand, all is right in their world.  They get along at the beach, and they get tired at the beach (early bed time, yeah!), so all is right in my world there too.  This is why we go to the beach several times a week in the summer, and have for years. I can look back at times (oh, and there were many) when a beach outing was a complete disaster. Times when I...

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Surfer Essentials Featuring Mi Ola Swimwear and Summer Gear Made in USA

Helena Fogarty knows a thing or two about surfing. As the founder of Mi Ola – “Sexy Bikinis That Stay On” she started her business for the need to have a great looking bikini that will stay on while she was surfing. It’s finally summer!  I can’t wait to get to the beach, kick back, and surf a bit.   And what’s better than looking and feeling great at the beach, than doing it all with products that mix style and function, AND are made in the US?  Not much!  That way you can look great and do so knowing...

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