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Our Treat for You: Enter to win an indulgent American-made gift bag loaded with Tea and Chocolate from RosieMADE

It's a busy time of year.  School and sports are in full swing. Before we know it we'll be into the fall and winter holidays. Maybe I'm speaking for myself, or maybe this is for everyone I know, but it seems like a good time for a little self pampering. Maybe some indulgent treats… even better if they are American-made. You could check out any of our fashion or beauty articles for ideas on ways to treat yourself. Did you see our recent post on updating your home decor for fall with some of our Made in USA finds?...

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What It Means to Be An American Crafts Person {Guest Post}

Hopefully you've become familiar with rosieMADE when we introduced them to you a bit ago.  Alicia Vanderschuere, the founder of rosieMADE, offers inspired, quality made in USA gifts, that offer a unique story. The company's motto is “We sell riveting gifts that help build American dreams.”  In this guest post, Alicia provides more insight to what it means to be an American crafts person and how your purchases make a difference on their lives and the American economy. Americans have long been known for their ingenuity and craftsmanship. By comparing the earnings of an American crafts person to a Chinese factory worker, there are substantially different production methods, skills,...

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