S.W. Basics of Brooklyn

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Our Beauty Editor Selects the Best American Made Beauty Products of 2013

Over the course of a year I am lucky enough to sample many of the best American made beauty products.  While I like something about nearly everything I come across I have some favorites.  These products are the ones that set themselves apart from others in their category, products that have made themselves a place in my go to line up, products that I have had the best experiences with, and products I have had positive feedback from others as well. Great American Made Face and Body Care Products Exfoliant – Buff Her customized, all natural facial exfoliant  serves...

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10 Made in USA Natural Beauty Products

I often find that many of the made in USA beauty, makeup and skin care items are also natural and eco friendly.  This is not always the case, but many of these companies that are manufacturing domestically are also sourcing locally and using organic and/or natural items.  So it has been my pleasure to find so many natural beauty products that not only help us to look our best but are actually good for our bodies and the earth as well. Here are my top 10 favorites: S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. 1. I love everything this company makes but...

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American Beauty: Anti Aging Series – How to Lessen Dark Circles and Fine Lines Around the Eyes

The delicate skin around the eyes is one of the first to show the signs of aging.  In our anti aging effort we want to do all we can to pamper our eyes and keep that area in its best possible condition.  In many cases we are working to lessen dark circles and fine lines that have already formed. This is our eyes, so selecting good American made beauty products of well sourced ingredients is of the highest importance.  We also have to take into consideration all that eye makeup we put on and how we get it off. ...

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S.W. Basics of Brooklyn: 5 Ingredient or Less Sustainable Beauty Products

These are the most sustainable beauty products we have reviewed to date on USA Love List.  They are not only made in USA beauty products but they all contain 5 ingredients or less!  Every one of those ingredients is sourced from family farms, organic and fair trade.  Originally the company founder, Adina Grigore made her products just for her until she realized that plenty of people wanted to go back to the basics with their skin care. S.W. Basics was born to accommodate this growing need and desire.  All products are still just as basic as Adina intended.  Everything...

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