SNOA Sleepwear

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The Perfect Pajamas: A Made in USA Source List

The perfect pajamas are difficult to find. The perfect pajamas MADE IN USA are even MORE difficult to find! Well, search no more. Depending on what type of PJ's you'd like, we've listed a variety of options for men's, women's and kids' PJs, all made in the USA. The Perfect Pajamas: A Made in USA Source List For Him & Her Cozy Not only is Goodwear‘s sleepwear for men and women made in the USA, the company's supply chain is from 100% American made products, so everything happens domestically, including the cotton which is grown here. Soft, comfortable and cozy, The Goodnite...

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Giveaway: $125 Gift Card for Your Pick of Sexy, Cozy SNOA Sleepwear

I was recently offered a chance to experience first-hand the luxurious sleepwear made by SNOA in San Francisco.  I've fallen in love. My day is made because I get to tell you what I love about it and share a generous gift card with one of our readers. Made in California, SNOA Sleepwear SNOA Sleepwear was conceived on a foggy, frigid, San Francisco night when SNOA's founder, Anh Oppenheimer, slipped into bed with the simple goal of looking sexy and feeling warm. Donning a skimpy, black negligee, oversized sweatshirt and chubby ski socks, she failed miserably. Not wanting to repeat this...

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