Volo Vitamins

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Four Clever Ways to Add Nutritional Supplements to Your Children’s Diets (Without them even knowing!)

In order to make sure that my kiddos are still getting the nutrients that they need when they are struggling to eat the required amount of fruits and veggies this time of year, and to boost their immune system during cold and flu season, I add nutritional supplements to their diets. Here are my favorite, and most successful ways of doing so, with American made products I trust. During back to school season, our nutrition and our immune systems always need a boost. Late in the winter season, I always find myself struggling with which fruits and vegetables to feed...

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Ease Your Family Into a School Morning Routine with These Four Tips

School started for us this week, and we really need a school morning routine to help us have a smooth start each day. Gone will be our mornings of sleeping in, eating breakfast when we are hungry, and moving at our own paces….ummm….wait a second…this sounds like us on school mornings as well, so who am I kidding?! I am on a mission this school year to start off our school day mornings with as little drama, tears, yelling, and rushing as possible. I thought about what worked for us in the past, and what triggers  those tears (sometimes...

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Made in the USA Experience: Music Festival Survival Guide

I wouldn't call myself a music festival expert, but I've experienced a few on the east coast.  I was a late bloomer having attending my first (Bonnaroo) only four years ago.  And let me tell you folks, these things are marathons, not sprints.  Especially if you're going all out and camping.  There are some key tricks of the trade to make the most of your experience.   Seeing your favorite bands over the course of a few days can be the best days of your year, but not if you don't take into consideration the fact that you're standing,...

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Volo Vitamins Review + Giveaway – Win A 4 Month Supply

I recently used Volo Vitamin Energy for a week instead of my usual cup(s) of coffee.  I am sold.  The feeling of awakening with coffee is great but really it is no more than that.  A wake up, then a crash.  Using one packet of Volo Vitamin Energy mixed with water I felt energized and motivated to stay on a healthy course for my entire day. The Benefits of Volo Vitamins. Volo Vitamins Energy:  The stick packs have only 5 calories.  They are made up of vitamins, minerals, fruit and natural energy sources.  There are no artificial flavors or sweetner. ...

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Hydration, Vitamins, Wellness – Made in USA Sources To Look & Feel Your Best

Maintaining a great complexion and healthy skin start with taking care of yourself from the inside. Today I'm going to give you the absolute low-down as it pertains to my area of expertise: skin.  Let's talk about adding made in USA vitamins, exercise and lots of hydration to your daily routine. HYDRATION Do you know how much water you should be drinking daily?  Take your body weight in half and that is how many ounces you should be having a day.  Drinking water helps your body flush out toxins and stay optimally hydrated.  Proper hydration on the inside feeds...

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