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Vlog, Review & Giveaway: Earth-friendly Family Finds, Made in USA

[youtube] I recently received a new American-made product called Washdrops that is designed to be a more environmentally friendly way to wash your car at home.  It arrived right around Earth Day and it got me thinking about how many wonderful American-made products our family uses to help us be a little more green. I decided to try making my first vlog, or video blog post, so I could show you first-hand some of the USA-made things we love because they help us care for the Earth. Some of the products I shared in the video we have written about, such as SplashTags, Goodbyns *Goodbyns are no longer made in the USA* and Neat-os in the kitchen. Bonus points for those with eagle eyes to spot other made in USA products around the house such as Fiestaware, a KitchenAid Mixer, and an Eraselet.  Outside, I shared our compost bin, our drip irrigation system, our fuel-efficient Winnebago/Itasca motorhome, and then finally, I showed how easy it is to use Washdrops, even on a chilly windy day. Washdrops Review I really enjoyed reviewing this product because I usually put off washing the cars or the motorhome until it is a perfect day – and then I don't feel like doing the work on a perfect day!  But I absolutely had to film this vlog on a certain afternoon and it was...

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The Road Trip That Started It All

The idea for USA Love List, a site to promote American-made products, came slowly over a long period of time, over the course of many miles on a road trip.  More than one road trip, actually. Our family has had wonderful opportunities to travel, all over the world, to places that seem exotic or exciting. But the trips that have been the most powerful, the most thought-provoking, are the ones when we hop in our motorhome with kids, dog, bikes, and boats, taking our family life on the road, exploring the country. Traveling the United States by RV It is an...

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