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Made in USA Giveaway: Gift Set of Goodies from Zoë b Organic for beach & baby

On Tuesday we reviewed two great Made in the USA products by Zoë b Organic. Today we are announcing a giveaway. One of our readers will win a big Zoë b Organic gift set. We absolutely love sharing our Made in USA finds with you so here are a few of the highlights as to why we love their Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes and their Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys: ~They contain no BPA, phthalates or petroleum, making them healthier for our children. ~They are made in the USA from corn grown in Iowa ~They biodegrade after 2-3 years and not 500 years like plastic, so purchasing them over plastic toys helps preserve our Eco-system. ~Kids love them! Not only do we think these products are fantastic, but we have to give kudos to Zoë b Organic founder Valerie Lecoeur. Valerie, a mother of 3, started Zoë b Organic with a passion to help moms find products for their children that are non-toxic AND environmentally friendly.  True to her beliefs, Valerie has made sure Zoë b Organic products are just that. After years of going to the beach with her children, Valerie noticed they were picking up more and more trash. This led to the development of the Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys, the first biodegradable beach toys in the world. If the anti-plastic cups or scoop were swept out to sea, as some beach toys are, they will be gone in 2-3...

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Made in the USA Review: Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes and Beach Toys by Zoë b Organic

Zoë b Organic is a mom-run company that focuses on providing children's products that are non-toxic AND safe for the environment. Their Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes and Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys are designed, manufactured and packaged right here in the USA. What IS Anti-Plastic? Zoë b Organic dishes and beach toys look and feel like plastic, but are in instead made with a bio-based material that comes from corn. Yup, that's right corn! And even better, corn grown right in Iowa! These products contain no BPA or phthalates, both chemicals commonly used in the making of plastic items that have been...

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