Author: Michelle Thelen, contributor

How to Transition Your Home to Cozy Fall Decor, American Made Style

Is it getting colder where you live? Can you feel it? Are you getting the urge to change up your style at home to a little less breezy and a little more cozy? If you are going to splurge on a few new home style pieces, feel good about it by choosing American Made. I've got some ideas and some tips for you. Get Cozy, just in time for Autumn It's that time of the year when you grab your favorite blanket and pillow and cuddle up by the fire, watch your favorite TV shows, hover over a hot cup...

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American Made Holidays: Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I have picked some amazing ideas for you to inexpensively create fabulous decor for your Thanksgiving day table. These ideas are sure ways to stun your family and friends. Homemade Thanksgiving Table Decorations Short on time and dime? These tips will save you time and money but will also allow you to express your creativity with American made paint. You can collect items from your local farmers' market or take a nice stroll through the woods. Now that I have planned my Thanksgiving meal, it is time to beautify the table. Before you gather to give thanks, lets go...

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