No matter what they say, there ARE made in USA backpacks and school bags! We found a plethora of backpacks made in the USA for kids and adults. If you need a new one, this is a good opportunity to buy American and get a bag that will last.

Backpacks Made in USA

USA Love List editors have searched the web and box stores for American backpacks and bags for students of all ages. You will find backpacks suitable for preschool, elementary school, college, and even for those in the work force on this list. We have included canvas backpacks, laptop backpacks, commuter backpacks, travel backpacks, and sports bags.

Why buy a backpack made in USA?

American made backpacks are more expensive than backpacks that are made in China. There is no getting around that fact. So why should you purchase one?

The backpacks that you see in big box stores are mass produced. Factories manufacture huge qualities at once, to keep prices low. Our list includes mostly backpacks that are made in small batches. Most of the backpacks are even assembled and sewn by hand.

This mass production can keep prices low and it can also make the quality of the product low too. Additionally, backpacks made in large factories can be made with cheaper materials. These backpacks are made for fashion trends and not for durability. The US made backpacks on our list are made from high quality canvas, leather, and other materials sourced locally and globally.

Remember- A backpack's price is weighed with the quality of the bag. In most cases, the more expensive bags have great warranties, while several companies even offer repairs. Why buy a new bag every year (or even every 6 months), when you can invest in one that will last?

Best Bags for Students

We kept in mind the needs of a student while compiling this list. We looked at size, style, and quality. I am a mom of two high school kids, so I know that more than one bag is needed to handle all of the school necessities. There is the backpack which carries books, a laptop and school supplies. My daughter is active in sports, so she has another bag for her uniforms and gear. Similarly, my son needs specialty bags for his music equipment. We tried to find bags for all of a students needs.

Made in USA Backpacks and School Bags

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