Crowdfunding campaigns are created when business owners need to seek financial assistance to make their dreams a reality. The following companies really stood out to USA Love List as ‘Made in USA ‘ entrepreneurs and visionaries.  You can show your support of their goals by pledging  money to these campaigns if you can, and sharing them via your social media networks to spread the word!

Five Made in USA Crowdfunding Campaigns

1. Factory Girls:  High end fashion manufacturing in Atlanta

Factory Girls Indigogo Campaign

Factory Girls is the one stop location for high end fashion product development in Atlanta. From studio space, to pattern development, to small run production, Factory Girls has everything high end apparel designers need to bring their sketches to reality- without having to go to New York City. Factory Girls is seeking assistance in obtaining funds to go towards industrial sewing machines, pattern development technology, and the hiring of skilled laborers.

2. Panel Co: A  Thin & Simple Wallet

Panel Co. wallet crowdfunding campaing

The Panel Co. wallet looks super simple, yet there is a lot of work behind it's ultra thin design!  Panel Co. wallets consist of 2 pieces: a panel that is made from ultra thin aluminum or titanium, and a panel band (made of silicone) that holds credit/ID cards and cash in place, and also keeps the wallet from slipping out pockets. This Kickstarter campaign is hoping to raise enough money to consolidate production into their own shop, and to purchase or lease all the equipment needed to do so.

3. Christian Carreon: Handcrafted, Sweatshop Free, Unique Clothing

Christian Carreon Crowdfunding campaign

Christian Fashion, named after founder Christian Carreon,  is a small clothing company that sews and prints all of its products in Texas from US materials. Based on the belief that fashion should be unique (not massed produced), and locally sourced, Christian Fashion products are made through small scale productions.  With a $25 pledge you get an awesome made in USA T-shirt. You can even have your own initials put on the made in Rhode Island tag! How cool is that?!

4. Deadstock Denim: Designer jeans made from ‘extra' denim

Deadstock Denim Crowdfunding campaign

Deadstock Denim Brand  aims to bring affordable, American made, designer jeans to the market. Deadstock Denim Brand uses discarded ‘extra' denim from high end jean manufacturers to create stylish, handcrafted (in LA) jeans that cost only $69! Pledging to this campaign helps Deadstock Denim get their brand started- and you even can get a sweet pair of jeans out of the deal!

5. Ashira NYC: Food for Fashion

Ashira NYC Food For Fashion Crowdfunding campaing

Ashira NYC is a New York based  American made fashion line. Michele Aslan, the founder of Ashira NYC,  has started an Indigogo  Food for Fashion campaign to raise money for Feeding America, the nations largest domestic huger relief organization.  By pledging to purchase a ‘Feed the People' sweatshirt, T shirt, or tote (all made in the USA!), you are helping to feed Americans in need. A $50 pledge gets you the made in USA sweatshirt pictured above, AND provides 100 meals!

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