1888 Mills

We love 1888 Mills because they are making quality, affordable towels here in the USA that you can find with major retailers such as Costco and Walmart. Read on to see how we've featured this company making a difference in their community and around the nation.

How to Soften Hard Towels and Other Towel Washing Tips

Are you having towel problems? Are your towels too scratchy, holding a musty smell, not absorbing, or just not fluffy anymore? Well don't replace those towels quite yet! I have safe, natural, American made solutions for these four common towel dilemmas. How to Soften Hard Towels & Other Towel Washing Tips   1. Scratchy, Hard Towels Ever wonder why a freshly washed towel feels hard and scratchy, even when fabric softener is used? Ironically, scratchy towels can be a result of using too much fabric softener and detergent. To make towels soft again, add a cup of vinegar with your regular detergent...

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How to Survive A Beach Outing With Kids & American made sources for beach gear

Thinking ahead to summer plans? My kiddos' favorite warm weather activity is going to the beach. Fresh water, salt water, they don't care. As long as they can get wet and play in sand, all is right in their world.  They get along at the beach, and they get tired at the beach (early bed time, yeah!), so all is right in my world there too.  This is why we go to the beach several times a week in the summer, and have for years. I can look back at times (oh, and there were many) when a beach outing was...

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Tracey’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

We are all taking turns collecting our favorite American Made Gifts that cost $30 or less. I'm going first! Here are my favorite gifts under $30 that are also American made. Friend or relative, newborn or college age, there is something made in the USA on this list for everyone on yours. 30 American Made Gifts Under $30: Tracey's List 2 Gifts for the Home Made Here Towels are made in Georgia by 1888 Mills. 1888 Mills towels are my “go to” for American made towels. They are thick, soft, and absorbable. Prices vary depending on size.   The Poo...

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Giveaway: American Craft Luxury Towels by 1888 Mills

Have you heard of 1888 Mills and their American Made towels? We love their products and we love to support their business. They are sponsoring this week's giveaway with a set of American made towels for one of our readers. American Made Luxury Towels 1888 Mills manufactures American Craft luxury towels in Griffin, Georgia with genuine craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation. American Craft towels are 100% grown, woven and sewn in the United States. From the seed that is planted to the cotton harvested, American Farmers carefully cultivate the cotton to make sure only...

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Six American Made Household Goods We Love

Are you looking to add some American made household goods to your home?  Well, don't miss this list- we have every room covered! These items also make great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and holiday gifts.  Six American Made Household Goods We Love Authenticity 50 Luxury Bedding Investing in a set of high quality American made sheets is something everyone should do!  Authenticity 50 luxury bedding is made in the USA “from seed to stitch” from Supima cotton. Supima cotton costs 2xs more than regular cotton, and its fiber is stronger and softer than regular cotton.  This stronger fiber and the...

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