Abelo Clocks

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American Made Clocks: A Source List for Wall Clocks, Decorative Clocks, Table Clocks, All Made in the USA

If you are looking for an American made decorative clock, wall clock, table clock, or mantel clock, we are sure to have one on this list that will suit your style! The USA Love List Guide to Made in USA Clocks   From Classic, to Vintage, to Modern; Abelo Clocks has a wall clock for every taste!  These clocks are handcrafted in Concord, California by a husband and wife team and all parts are made in America. Amana Shops makes a wide variety of clocks. Whether you are looking for a floor clock, mantel clock, wall clock or table/desk...

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Clocks Made in USA: Four Sources for Stylish American-made Timekeeping

Looking for a wall clock that's American made?  You might be surprised at how many people write to us on our contact form, our Facebook page, and via Twitter to ask about clocks Made in USA.  We found some great choices for you. There is sure to be a USA made wall clock on this list to suit any style. Check the comment section for even more sources submitted by USA Love List's dedicated readers. Be sure to check out our USA Love List Source List of American Made Clocks  for our extensive master list of made in the USA clocks that is updated frequently. Cool Made in USA Clocks Howard Miller Company Howard Miller calls itself the longest running clock company in America. Founded in 1926, the Howard Miller Company still manufactures clocks in Zeeland, Michigan. Mostly known for its floor clocks, or Grandfather clocks, the Howard Miller Company also makes some of its key wound and quartz movement wall clocks in the USA. Their website makes it easy to know which designs are made in America; the ones that are carry a “Made in USA” logo in their description. Kit-Cat Clock Kit Cat clock has been made in America since 1932! Kit Cat clock was originally made in Portland Oregon by the Allied Clock Company. In the 1960's Allied Clock renamed itself the California Clock Company after moving...

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