Amy Matto

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American Made, Kentucky Derby Style

Did you know the Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously held sporting event in America? Until recently, I didn't either. The first Kentucky Derby race occurred in 1875. Close to 10,000 people watched as 15 thoroughbred horses ran what was then a 1.5 mile course. The Derby now draws an average of 150,000 visitors each year, all decked out in the height of Kentucky Derby style. Saturday May 2 will be the 141 th Annual Kentucky Derby. We'll tell you how to get the look with American made fashion. Nothing says the Kentucky Derby quite like a wide brimmed...

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Made in NYC: Style Made with Love in NYC (1st in a 3-part series)

New York City is a global fashion capital.  Think Sex and the City and Project Runway.  You’re not picturing garment factories though, are you? Let's look at fashion being made in NYC. Fashion Made in NYC A Revival Movement New York’s aptly-named Garment District, used to be a bustling hub of production, is now quite neglected.  But not entirely. Thanks to the efforts of some enterprising designers, the city’s renowned industry lives on. Designers like Nanette Lepore, who, upon realizing that so many factories were empty, joined with a coalition of other labels to connect designers to facilities in an attempt to Save the Garment Center. Now, the New York fashion movement is spreading to Brooklyn. There, a new organization, called Manufacture New York is setting up production space in Brooklyn’s Industry City. The mission is very similar. Conscious Brands Make the Conscious Decision to Produce Locally Designers aren't manufacturing in NYC because it’s cheaper. They’re doing it because they want to support their local economy. Many are also motivated by social and environmental concerns. NY-based designer Allison Parris told HeartSleeves Blog, “[Working in mass market] shows you how little you can control, because even if you visit the factories in China that produce the garments, they know you are coming weeks in advance, so you can’t really trust what you see.” Allison felt that using domestic labor was the clear choice. She...

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